Best Video Recording App: Free And Paid Apps For Android, iPhone Users

Dhir Acharya - May 25, 2020

Best Video Recording App: Free And Paid Apps For Android, iPhone Users

Best video recording app for Indian users. There are free apps with in-app purchases along with paid apps available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Smartphones are getting better and better at taking photos and recording videos, but apps and software allow you to add the filters and effects that you like. We have covered the best photo editing apps before, and today, we will introduce to you the best video recording app for Android phones and iPhones.

In this article, we will focus on mobile apps only, so if you are looking for the best video recording app for PC, we would have another article just for that. Now, let’s take a look at these video recording apps.

Best video recording app: VivaVideo

Best video recording app
Best video recording app: VivaVideo

This app is available for both Android and iOS users, and it’s free to use but you will see in-app purchases.

This app offers thematic effects that allow you to make a small film with either your pictures or recordings available on your phone. There are several features including stickers, filters, text insertion, and cutting tools.

Best video recording apps: FxGuru

Best video recording app

Like VivaVideo, this app is free to use with in-app purchases. FxGuru lets you add Hollywood-style effects to your videos, such as alien invasions, explosions, sound effects, and so on. There’s basically everything you often see in a Hollywood movie.

Best video recording app for Android 2020: VideoCam Illusion

One of the best things about this app is the ability to apply effects directly when you’re recording a video. There is a wide range of effects, from frames to pen tools. The app also has 6 filters, 5 effects, as well as 2 recording speeds, and you can upload the video on YouTube automatically.

This app is free on the App Store and the Google Play Store with in-app purchases.

Best video recording Android app: Boomerang

Best video recording app

Maybe you have known this one, a popular feature on Instagram that now has become a standalone app. It lets you create loop videos that last 5 seconds, you can save the video on your phone or share on social media. And it's also best video recording Android app.

The app is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Best video recording app iPhone: SloPro

Best video recording app

This app is especially for those who want to tweak the speed of videos. It also allows you to pause video recording then continue later, meaning you don’t have to make two videos, reducing workload when you edit your video. You can also share your production directly to social media.

You can download this app from the App Store for free.

Best video recording app: VideoShow

Best video recording app

Users of both Android and iOS can download this app, which is free but with in-app purchases. It’s a perfect tool if you want to integrate videos, photos, text, and music into your content. Editing content is easy and you can share it to social media directly.

Now, all the apps above are free, but while free apps are just as good, paid apps can offer several more advanced features if you are willing to pay some money. The following are some of the best paid video recording apps.

Best video recording app: FilMic Pro

Best video recording app
FilMic Pro

This paid app is available for download in both the App Store and Google Play Store. It comes with a simple UI and easy to get used to. The app lets you change the recording settings based on your specific purpose and save the presets.

You can record time-lapse and slow-motion videos. On the Google Play Store, you can download the app for Rs 1,140, you can get the app on the App Store too.

Best video recording app: ProCam 7

Best video recording app
ProCam 7

This app is available for iOS users only and it has in-app purchases. It offers controls and features on the iPhone that were once only available in DSLR cameras, bringing your video to the next level.

There are various controls like white balance, focus, exposure control, many image modes, as well as 4K resolution. The app costs Rs 456.

Best video recording app: Cinema FV5

Best video recording app
Cinema FV5

This is a paid app for Android users, allowing you to adjust your videos with a wide range of features including image control (white balance, exposure, and ISO), zooming in and out while recording, 4K compatibility, as well as video and audio codecs. The app costs just Rs 189 on the Google Play Store.

Best video recording app: Lapse It Pro

This app is available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. It allows you to make time-lapse videos, which are basically a long one condensed into a few seconds. You can speed up or slow down your video, record a video and do some quick edits for it. You can also easily share your videos to social media.

Apart from the free version, you can also get the paid version from the App Store for Rs 227 or from the Google Play Store for Rs 303.

So, here are the best video recording app for Android and iOS users that we want to introduce today. These include both free and paid apps so you can choose the most suitable one based on your own preference. Good luck!

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