A Company Wants To Make Coffee In Outer Space

Arnav Dhar - Feb 08, 2019

A Company Wants To Make Coffee In Outer Space

Space Roasters desired to revolutionize the technique of roasting coffee by using space technology.

With the great advancements and innovations regarding brewing, roasting techniques, and even transportation, we are now able to enjoy great hot coffee around the world. That is why a firm named Space Roasters wants to take things to another level by roasting coffee in outer space.

Spaceroasters E1548965946219

Anders Cavallini and Hatem Alhafaji, the start-up's founders, said during their interview with Room magazine:


Or this very well might be an unnecessary solution to a non-existing problem.

Space's Roasters will likely roast coffee using the heat that was generated during disambiguation. Space Roasters even created a special capsule that is able to carry the beans before returning to Earth with a parachute.

Space Roasters Capsule
The special capsule

If you are wondering how much does a coffee cup made in outer space cost, the answer is, according to Ars Technica, roughly $500. Yeah, that's half a thousand dollars, and it may become real if this startup finds a firm that is willing to launch their capsules into the outer space. The Guardian reported that the company is discussing with Blue Origin and Rocket Lab.

While the price sounds ridiculous and not down-to-earth at all, this project can even take away cargo space of future space missions with a meaningful scientific initiative.

The website of Space Roasters also seems to lack confidence. It is stated on the site that the team has "more than 27 enthusiast space expert [sic] in their field,” and by integrating "space and science," it can "bring people together."

What's more, Space Roasters' aim is quite vague and suspicious as they claim that their project is to connect people using space science. Why would someone spend their money on buying a product that is ridiculously expensive? With this project, will the roasting process be improved? Will people get to drink better coffee? It's more likely just a fun experiment by bored engineers.

Space Roasters has already made an announcement on its pre-sale campaign to market their product which has yet to be materialized. Our thoughts on this? The only thing Space Roasters has succeeded in proving is how the most absurd idea can attract media attention.


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