A $57 Button To Silently Let Your Partner Know You Want Sex

Harin - Feb 14, 2019

A $57 Button To Silently Let Your Partner Know You Want Sex

LoveSync is a device that lets you, with just the press of a button, silently and "anonymously", indicate to your partner that you are in the mood for sex.

Amazon was the first to come up with tiny buttons allowing people to press for household staples ordering like potato chips and laundry detergent. Now, a startup invents a button for another household essential, which in this case is sex.

This Monday, LoveSync buttons made their debut through a Kickstarter campaign. The buttons come in a set of two individual buttons, which are designed to let partners know when they want sex.

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Each of the buttons will be placed on the bedside table of each person so that you can press it to indicate that you’re in the mood for sex. When both partners tap the buttons during the same “consensus window” lasting for 15 minutes, the duo buttons will turn green.

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Although at this moment, it is still a concept, the LoveSync button heads for the elegant design of a Nest thermostat or an Apple product, equipped with a “capacitive touch sensor” and “CNC machined steel housing.”

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As stated on the Kickstarter campaign, the device is aiming at “taking the luck out of getting lucky,” so that you can be confident when making you move. With these buttons, you no longer feel scared of being the one to initiate sex and get rejected.

The launch of LoveSync on Kickstarter didn’t receive a whole lot of positive reactions from social media users. Twitter users skewered the device’s features and description.

The video of the campaign says that the button can be pushed anonymously – which sounds confusing since the buttons are for a couple. So you can definitely tell who is the one pressing the button.

LoveSync also receives criticism for its high price for its only one function of asking for sex. A set of the buttons will cost you $57 unless you snatch a price for early-birds.


Some found the similarities between LoveSync buttons with the “nut button” meme emerging online back in 2016.

The founders of these buttons are Ryan and Jenn Cmich, a Cleveland couple. In the promo video, the couple said that after being together for around 15 years, they lost their “joys of romance.” The buttons, according to them, are the answer to this problem.

By Tuesday, the campaign received 188 backers with over $8,500, which is more than their initial goal of $7,500. If the campaign comes through, backers will receive their devices in August.


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