9 PUBG Secrets You Didn’t Know About Its Existence

Author - Nov 15, 2018

9 PUBG Secrets You Didn’t Know About Its Existence

The following are nine PUBG secrets that you often play but not realize so far. Let's read this article and share with your team players.

PUBG - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds not only brings a video battle game but also contains a lot of PUBG secrets that you did not know so far. Here are these hidden details.

1. Tribute to a contributor


At the first period of creating this game, Brendan Greene got the help form DevilWalker for the server for the DayZ mod, that's why in the game, users often see the graffiti named DevilWalker on the Erangal map.

2. What's in a name?

About Erangal, it is an area of Chernobyl power plant. But Erangal is actually not a nonsense name, Brendan Greene based on his daughter's name, Eryn, to name for the first game map, Erangal.


3. Dacia for days

Dacia is a car that players drive on Erangal map that. "Top Gear" - a popular series- often mentions about the Romanian car, and Brendan Green is a fan of these series.



The M416 assault rifle weapon is really like the real one named HK416. Instead of Auto, Single, Safe, the developers of PUBG changes a little bit into Pew Pew Pew, Pew, No Pew for fun purpose.

5. Crossbow

The PUBG's crossbow originates from the crossbow in  'Battle Royale' film. Clearly, the film inspires for the game.

6. "The greatest place on Earth"

While playing in the Miramar map, you will see the ads on the top of the building saying that you should book a flight to Erangel. Everyone if plays the game at the first time of publication then they can realize that is the original PUBG map.

7. "I hate school"


Another secret that not all players know. You must try to parachute to the mountain's top of Miramar map to discover this secret in the Minas del Sur. On the top of the mountain, players will see a piece of paper with a message "I hate school". This message refers to the School place in Erangel map, in which many players cannot come back.

8. Plata o Plomo?

Miramar has been created from Mexico inspiration broader areas. But when mentioning about Mexico, people often remember Pablo Escobar, a famous person of Mexico. He is known for his famous quote "Plata o Plomo", meaning 'Silver or Lead', even 'Money or Die'.

9. Press F to HONK


If you carefully observe the truck in the Miramar map of the game, you will see the "F2HNK". What does this mean? It is a hidden instruction that "press F to HONK". Of course, for any PUBG gamer, pressing the F button will quickly push yourself from the moving car and died. And this will surprise the new players joining the PUBG game.


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