28 Most Modern Fighting Vehicles And Futuristic Weapons (Part 2)

Dhir Acharya - Aug 12, 2019

28 Most Modern Fighting Vehicles And Futuristic Weapons (Part 2)

Warfare is where the most innovative technologies are born with nations working continuously to create the most advanced weapons to protect their homelands.

Warfare is where the most innovative technologies are born as each country is working continuously to create the most capable and advanced armaments to protect their homelands. And apparently, science-fiction has been an inspiration for the latest, greatest advancement in the area of future weaponry and military hardware that envision a dangerous world of warfare in the coming years. With that in mind, these are the 28 incredibly futuristic weapons and modern fighting vehicles.

15. XM25 Counter Defeliade Target Engagement


CTDE is an airburst grenade launcher that is semi-automatic which includes a laser rangefinding system that lets soldiers determine how far it is from the target to use in combats.

In comparison, the XM25’s effective range is almost four times that of standard grenade launchers; however, the machine is heavy and bulky. It hasn’t been put in services due to budget cuts while other issues may affect the development as well as the deployment of the machine.

16. Active Denial System


This is a non-lethal energy weapon that’s meant to help in riot and crowd control. ADS heats the surface of the target based on the principle used in microwave ovens.

The idea is simply exposing people to heat, giving them so many burns on their skin that they have to leave.

17. Hypersonic Missiles


The Air Force Research Laboratory, US, since the 90s, has been working on the design, developing, as well as testing a hypersonic propulsion system to produce a missile that can reach Mach 6 (6,437 kilometers per hour).

And they created the unmanned scramjet aircraft Boeing X-51 Waverider which the Lab has designed to launch from an F-35 fighter or a B-52 bomber. During tests, the X-51 reached speeds of higher than 4,828 kilometers per hour.

18. Armatix Smart Pistol


This is a 0.22 caliber pistol, designed with smart tech to make sure only authorized users can fire it. The gun requires using a smartwatch alongside.

The smartwatch acts as an RFID key to allow the gun to fire. It also displays the gun’s real-time data including how many shots were fired in a specific timeframe and how much battery is left.

19. Foxtech Origin 12 shotgun


This is the fastest firing shotgun in the world. While it’s not 100% automatic, it can fire 30 rounds within less than eight seconds. In addition, the gun can work with a SilencerCo Salvo 12 sound suppressor, which makes it a dangerous weapon.

20. Cornershot


This device can work with a range of pistols, giving it flexibility, which means shooters can fire around corners while avoiding exposing themselves to the target. However, this weapon has a limited range of only 100 meters.

21. ADS Underwater gun


This gun, created by the Russians, can fire underwater. It has attachments like a grenade launcher and a silencer.

Over years of testing and modifying designs, the result is a gun that can fire 5.45mm rounds from a 30-meter effective distance (depending on how deep the diver is). While there is no public information about the grenades or their operation, we know that the gun can work above water too, which means it’s a good weapon for combat troops regardless of deployment scenarios.

22. KRISS Vector


This is a compact submachine gun with extreme capability and flexibility which can fire at various ammunition calibers namely 9, 0.45, 0.40, and 0.22mm Parabellum. However, the interesting thing lies in the KRISS Super V Recoil Mitigation System pushing expended energy generated from fired rounds downwards for keeping the gun on target while reducing recoil significantly.

In addition, the Vector can fire more than 1,200 rounds each minute and it’s perfect to be used by military bodies and Police forces that use Glock guns as the standard sidearms.

23. Zumwalt Class Destroyers


Under the look similar to a bonkers submarine, this is in fact a multi-role battleship that has stealth capabilities. Thanks to the combination of a wave-piercing hull, the low-radar cross-section, and other technologies, it’s much harder to detect this ship compared with its counterparts.

This is probably the most expensive vessel with a $9.6 billion fund for R&D costs. With this design, the destroyer looks just like a fishing boat and is a lot harder to be identified than standard destroyers.

The destroyer also features an Advanced Gun System, including a 155mm naval gun that can fire an LRLAP (Long Range Land Attack Projectile) from 80 nautical miles away.

24. Northrop Gramman MQ-8C fire Scout


This is an unmanned helicopter made to support ground troops in reconnaissance, aerial fire, and targeting. It’s the latest craft of this line which has been developed under the $3.06 billion program starting 2010. The MQ-8C is another attempt to remove humans from combats.

25. Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO)


EXACTO, a product of DARPA, is a self-steering, guided bullet which is made to help improve military snipers’ accuracy while shooting over long distances in unfavorable conditions.

EXACTO is basically a smart bullet with the ability to lock its target and change direction while in mid-air in accordance with wind speed changes or target movement. As a result, we have a round which even novice shooters can fire and still hit the target with great accuracy over a long distance.

26. Obrum PL-01 Stealth Tank


This made-in-Poland tank features a modular ceramic-aramid shell along with armored plating which can protect the tank from various projectiles, landmines, and improvised explosive devices.

In addition, the tank houses a 940hp engine that offers a top speed of less than 72.5 kilometers per hour and a 499km range. However, the most impressive feature of this tank is its stealth tech. This is the first armored vehicle in the world to be invisible to both radar and infrared detection systems, making it the world’s most advanced stealth tank.

27. Quantum Stealth camouflage


Quantum Stealth is a technology that can bend light, providing users with camouflage as well as mimicking its surroundings. There haven’t been any public photos of the technology in real life due to security reason.

The ability to work against thermal and infrared scopes has been proved through military tests. And it’s among the most efficient existing camouflage systems.

28. Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)


This device has two applications. The first one is sending messages through a long range which can normally be done with loudspeakers. The second application of LRAD is that it can act as a “sonic weapon” to be used in crowd dispersion, riot control, as well as other situations requiring a non-lethal measure to hostile actions.

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