Huawei Nova 5T Vs. Galaxy A50s: Very Tough Choice To Make

Karamchand Rameshwar - Oct 04, 2019

Huawei Nova 5T Vs. Galaxy A50s: Very Tough Choice To Make

Huawei Nova 5T and Galaxy A50s are the latest mid-range offering from Huawei and Samsung and it is really hard to choose between the two. Here is why.

We are entering the fourth quarter of the year with many smartphones from mid to high end being announced to the market. Two of them are Huawei Nova 5T and Samsung Galaxy A50s, which were launched in the mid-range segment with a lot of great features and specs. They have a lot of similarities and differences, so I hope this will help you decide between the two.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Vs Huawei Nova 5t 01

Display and user interface

The difference in the screen is almost negligible. Whether you are indoors or under sunlight, the displays of both Nova 5T and Galaxy A50s have good display quality.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Vs Huawei Nova 5t 02

Currently, the EMUI version on Nova 5T does not have night mode even if you turn on developer options. The reason is that the handset has not been updated to the latest EMUI 10, with many improvements. Meanwhile, Galaxy A50s has this mode with the current OneUI version. The two interfaces are different in terms of design ideas, but towards cleanliness and usability.

Processor and performance

This is an area where Nova 5T seems to outperform its rivals, even in theory. The phone has the Kirin 980 SoC of the P30 Pro, a flagship from Huawei launched earlier this year. Therefore, the chip is very advanced and capable of handling everything you need on the device.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Vs Huawei Nova 5t 05

I tested a few games on both phones. As a result, Nova 5T seems to launch some games faster by a slim margin. Games like Honkai Impact 3 and Asphalt 9 run smoothly on two devices. Curiously, the Galaxy A50s even surpassed Nova 5T when opening PUBG Mobile.

For other common tasks, Nova 5T and Galaxy A50s both handle very quickly and easily. I even use the multi-window mode on two phones, and the applications all work perfectly.

Multi-camera battles

I did not have enough time to review the camera of Nova 5T and Galaxy A50s thoroughly. However, I tried to use both cameras at similar angles and modes to make comparisons more objective.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Vs Huawei Nova 5t 08

As a result, several photos have shown that Nova 5T captures more detail with the main camera. The same is true for the wide-angle cameras. Please take a look at some pictures of the two cameras with their rear camera setups.

Design and other features

Speaking of design, Huawei Nova 5T and Samsung Galaxy A50s all stand out. However, the Huawei smartphone seems to look more premium thanks to the luxurious glass back. Meanwhile, the material on the phone of the Korean company is just plastic to reduce costs. In return, the Galaxy A50s feels more comfortable and easier to grip than the competition.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Vs Huawei Nova 5t 03

Huawei Nova 5T has a back with a unique and attractive 3D effect. Meanwhile, Galaxy A50s also comes with an aesthetic design thanks to the diamond-shaped design at the back.

In general, Huawei or Samsung phones all have plus points in the design. Evaluating which device is more attractive will depend heavily on the users' taste.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Vs Huawei Nova 5t 15

Both phones also have fingerprint readers. In theory, the Galaxy A50s seems to be more advanced with an in-display sensor. Meanwhile, the fingerprint sensor on the Nova 5T is mounted on the power button, and it is slightly more reliable and faster than the one on the A50s. You can unlock the phone whether the screen is facing up or facing down.


Samsung Galaxy A50s and Huawei Nova 5T are quite similar in overall performance. However, the advantages of Huawei phones include more RAM (8GB vs. 6GB), more cameras, better low-light selfies, and a faster charging rate thanks to SuperCharge. Huawei's SuperCharge 22.5W system can recharge the battery from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes, very quickly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, Samsung's mid-range phones come with advantages like in-screen fingerprint technology and OneUI that is more efficient for one-handed use. In general, Nova 5T and Galaxy A50s are smartphones that meet all the needs of tasks, using social media, playing games, and taking photos.


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