Ban Gambling Ads: Australian Politician Warns

hoaict - Jun 14, 2022

Ban Gambling Ads: Australian Politician Warns

Should there be a ban on gambling ads? Let's find out in this article!

Nick Xenophon, a former senator in South Australia has raised concerns about the gambling problem in the country. "The rest of the world knows we have a gambling problem – why do the major parties turn a blind eye to it? With States so hopelessly addicted to gambling taxes, only the Cth can cut through and slash the harm."- Nick.

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One of the key concerns is the fact people are spending more on gambling, thanks to the frequent ads. The world is aware that Australia is one of the countries with the highest gambling rate. The problem has been getting worse, and something needs to be done about it.

Gambling ads are not only aired on TV, but they're also present on social media platforms and even during live sporting events. This is where the issue lies; these ads are able to target vulnerable individuals, who may not have a gambling problem.

The solution, as Nick Xenophon suggests, is to have a ban on gambling ads. This would help reduce the number of people gambling, as they simply wouldn't be seeing the ads. It's a bold move, but it's one that could work.

Is There a Gambling Problem in Australia?

It is estimated the gambling industry spent close to $300 million on advertising in the last couple of years. As they keep investing in the ads, there are more people who are drawn into the gambling cycle. However, according to a report by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, there is no cause to worry. The report shows that only 1% of the population has an extreme gambling addiction.

Unfortunately, this is not what most people think. In fact, a lot of people believe the number is actually much higher. This is because gambling addiction is often hard to spot, as most people are able to hide it quite well.

While the report may say that only 1% of the population is addicted to gambling, it's important to remember that this is still a significant number of people. In a country with a population of over 24 million, that 1% still equates to nearly 250,000 people. This is why a ban on gambling ads is something that needs to be seriously considered.

Impact of Gambling Ads

There's no doubt that gambling ads have a significant impact on people. The ads are designed to be appealing and make people want to gamble. They often show people winning big and make it look like an easy way to make money. With the frequent ads,

  • More people join the gambling world
  • Money is redirected to gambling activities
  • Productivity is severely affected
  • Mental health seems to escalate

Even with the pleasing ads, the reality is that gambling is a risky activity and the chances of winning are often quite low. This is why a ban on gambling ads could help reduce the number of people gambling, as they simply wouldn't be seeing the ads.

Taking Control of Gambling Ads

According to Nick, the government should take measures to control gambling ads. One way to do this would be to introduce an outright ban on all gambling ads. This would include a ban on TV, radio, print, and online ads. The other way would be to have tighter restrictions on when gambling ads can be aired. For example, they could only be aired after 8 pm.

Taking Control of Gambling Ads
Taking Control of Gambling Ads

He believes that in the same way alcohol ads are regulated, gambling ads should be too. "There's no doubt that if you look at the amount of money spent on gambling advertising, it far exceeds what is spent on advertising alcohol. I think we need to have a good look at this and see whether or not there needs to be greater regulation."

- Nick Xenophon

In his proposal, he wants to have gambling ads restricted to between 12 PM and 3 PM on school-going days, then 8.30 pm to 5 am on weekdays. Additionally, he proposes that the betting companies need to give 20% of the money spent on the ads to help find the gambling vices.

John Gold of the BetPokies team commented on Nick's idea:

“The government should take care to create a transparent industry, which will reduce the level of shady sites. For example, now the government creates problems with payment methods: Visa / Mastercard, but casinos are beginning to accept cryptocurrency or PayID. According to our data, Australian players more often use PayID withdrawal in casinos than classic methods.”


Closing Thoughts

There is a school of thought that Nick's proposals are counterintuitive as the money from gambling ads funds important racing events like the Melbourne Cup. However, with the number of people affected by gambling addiction, it's definitely something that needs to be considered. What do you think? Should there be a ban on gambling ads? Let us know in the comments below.


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