Fairplay Casino App Review

Teethecutecat - Nov 24, 2023

Fairplay Casino App Review

At the current stage of market development, the gambling and betting sphere is rapidly changing. The growth of technological innovations in software development and user experience design provides a broad range of opportunities for companies and platforms. It is safe to say that Fairplay Casino utilizes the latest innovations in the field of gambling, providing a wide range of gambling activities for its customers. The Indian casino market has strong competition between the platforms. Every company tries to provide as many services as they can and fully satisfy their customers. Keeping up with the latest trends Fairplay Casino has developed an application for mobile phones that is compatible both with iOS and Android devices. The interface of the application is comprehensible and easy to use, every player won't have to spend additional time exploring and getting in touch with the application. In the Fairplay Casino App app, you can gain experience in playing casino games, poker, slots, and many more gambling games. A broad variety of gambling activities are presented in the application. The most attractive feature of the application is that you can access Fairplay Casino in any place. Moreover, the registration process is so simple that it takes only 6 steps to create an account. The deposit and withdrawal process couldn't be any easier, it takes a few seconds to add funds to the balance and a few seconds to withdraw them. A broad variety of payment methods also provides a simple and comfortable funding process.

Fairplay Casino

Fairplay Casino App Features

Fairplay Casino is one of the best platforms in the Indian gambling market. It provides an extended choice of games and casinos. The Fairplay Casino app was developed with the aim of simplifying the processes, so the customers may spend more time playing and having fun. The main specifications of the application are presented in the table below:

Foundation Date2014
LicenseCuracao license
Software versionv. 1.4.1
LanguagesHindi, English, etc.
Mobile App availabilityBoth for iOS and Android
ServicesCasino, Poker, Live Casino, Slot Machines
Minimum DepositINR 100
Maximum DepositNo limit
Customer SupportPermanent support via cell phone, chat, and email

As you can see in the table, the application is totally compatible both with iOS and Android devices, which makes it fully available for its users. Casino also works under the Curacao license, so the Fairplay Casino could be considered a fully trustworthy service provider.

Fairplay Casino App registration

The registration process on the Fairplay Casino platform couldn't be any easier. As indicated above, the application was developed with the intent to make the registration process as easy as possible. However, some tips and instructions for registration at Fairplay Casino would still be useful for the new players and customers.  We have created a simple guide to registration, it takes only 6 quick steps in order to create a Fairplay Casino account:

  1. Please open the Fairplay Casino application on your device. This step is the same for both iOS and Android applications;
  2. Once the application is opened please find the “Register” button in the middle of the screen and click it. The interface is the same for both versions of the app;
  3. After the email confirmation pops up please fill it in with our valid email and continue the process;
  4. After the email confirmation, you will have a chance to use your promo code. A promo code insertion popup will appear on the screen immediately. Do not hesitate to use it, if you have one, it will give you a good bonus;
  5. Once the above actions are made please press the “Sign in” button and enter your credentials into the password and login fields;
  6. Once you are logged in to your account, you are free to customize your profile. A little tip: don't forget to turn on push notifications to stay up to date with upcoming events and activities.

As said before, the registration process was designed in order to minimize the registration time for the clients. The whole process takes 6 simple steps so it couldn't be any easier. After the creation of your account, you can truly experience the described features of the Fairplay Casino platform.

Fairplay Casino App available activities

Fairplay Casino offers a broad variety of gambling activities to its customers. There is a significant number of slot machines, different-style casinos, and poker rooms. Any gambler will find everything he needs in the Fairplay Casino application. The most popular gambling activities on the platform are slot machines and online casinos. However, there are additional types of gambling games that are presented in the Fairplay Casino application. Some of them are:

  • Poker - a card game where the main goal is to collect a winning combination or to force all opponents to stop participating in the game. The game is played with fully or partially covered cards. The specific rules may vary depending on the type of poker. The common elements of all poker varieties are the combinations and the presence of trading during the game. Poker is played with different decks that consist of 32, 36 or 54 cards, but the widely used 52 deck card is the core of the classic poker game. The number of players at one may vary from 2 up to 10. A large tournament with significant price pools happens often, which can involve more than 1000 players;
  • Roulette - a gambling game that is based on the rotating wheel with 36 sectors of red and black colors and a 37th green sector called "zero" with the designation of zero (in the American version there are two green sectors - 0 and 00, for a total of 38 sectors). Players playing roulette can bet on the ball hitting a color (red or black), an even or odd number, a range (1-18 or 19-36), or a specific number. The croupier launches the ball over the roulette wheel, which moves in the opposite direction to the rotation of the roulette wheel and eventually falls on one of the sectors. Winnings are awarded immediately to all players whose bets were successful.

Fairplay Casino support service

As a fully legal and licensed service provider, Fairplay Casino ensures 24 by 7 player support service. They observe the issues at the earliest convenience trying to always resolve the problem in favor of the customer. You may find the contact support team button in your mobile application and immediately send them a help request. Also, the support team could be contacted via cell phone and email. The phone number and emails of the support team are located in the contacts field of the application.


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