The best Nokia smartphones as of 2022

HuongDTM - Feb 21, 2022

The best Nokia smartphones as of 2022

We will define which Nokia smartphones were better to buy for basic tasks and to play online Indian casinos in 2022. And whether it's worth it at all.

Nokia was once an icon of quality and reliability in cell phones and other communication equipment. The legendary Nokia 3310 became synonymous with durability and will be remembered with nostalgia.  Despite several problems in the past, the company returned to the market with Nokia smartphones adapted to modern demands. We began studying and testing the new models to determine which Nokia smartphones were better to buy for basic tasks and to play online Indian casino in 2022. And whether it's worth it at all.

The legendary Nokia 3310

The history of Nokia

Like many great companies and corporations, Nokia was engaged initially not at all in achieving significant success. At the time of its foundation - in 1868 - it was a paper mill. Interestingly, Nokia is a plural form of the Finnish word Nois, which means black sable, a fluffy animal. But the official version of the origin of the name is the city of the same name in Finland.

Since 1967, after the merger of several companies, Nokia has expanded its scope. By the way, the modern company Nokian, a tire manufacturer, joined Nokia under the name Finnish Rubber Works. They produced tires, paper, electronics components, chemicals, and shoes. Also, after 1980, the company actively developed the personal computer market, but soon the primary division of this direction was sold. A critical moment in Nokia's history was the decision to focus all efforts on developing and producing communications equipment. As a result, the company began to conquer the telephony market systematically.

Nokia smartphones
Image of Nokia

By 2007, 200 million Nokia 1100s, one of the most successful phones of the brand, had been sold. The market of the first intelligent phones - smartphones - Nokia mastered as an answer to competing companies. One of the first successful projects was the Nokia E71 on the Symbian system. Then, in 2010 came the flagship Nokia N8. It is the first smartphone with a touch screen and the first Nokia smartphone with a 12-megapixel camera on Symbian. In 2013, Nokia's mobile division was sold to Microsoft. The latter planned to use Nokia's facilities and developments to produce devices under its Lumia brand. Because Windows Phone was installed on these devices, the brand was supposed to compete with Android, rapidly gaining popularity. But in 2016, Microsoft sold the mobile division to two other companies: FIH Mobile and HMD Global Oy. At the same time, Nokia itself signed a partnership agreement with these companies to develop mobile devices, again under its brand. In other words, Nokia got back its production facilities and developments in roundabout ways. Since 2017, Android-based Nokia smartphones have been produced under the Nokia brand.

Smartphone sales statistics, market share

At the start of Nokia smartphone sales in 2017, the first successes were achieved by the indicator of 2.8 million units sold in Q3 2017. By comparison, in 2021, only 2 million devices were sold in Q1; compared to 2020, there is an increase of 300 thousand units. Furthermore, the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2021 were also successful: 2,7 and 3 million units were sold. If we consider the statistics at a long distance, we can substitute a gradual decrease in sales dynamics. After all, since the 4th quarter of 2017 and up to the 3rd quarter of 2019, Nokia did not sell its devices less than 3 million per quarter. As for smartphone market share, Nokia's ranking right now is 18th in the world in terms of production.

What parameters to look for when buying a Nokia smartphone?

When buying a Nokia smartphone, the selection criteria to pay attention to is not much different from choosing any other smartphone. Usually, the list of the main ones includes the following:

  • Performance. A complex concept, it is based on overall performance. It can include the type and characteristics of the processor the size of the RAM. Since modern mobile processors are a system on a single chip, it also consists of a video core. The higher the performance level, the smoother and more stable the device will work. Especially relevant parameter for fans of mobile games;
  • Screen. First of all, we are interested in the size of the diagonal, resolution, and peak brightness of the screen. The big size will allow covering more content for convenient perception. High resolution will reduce the grain (pixelation) of the image increase its clarity. Sufficient brightness will allow you to comfortably use the smartphone in bright ambient lighting, in the sun;
  • Autonomy. There is an essential golden mean. For good performance, a large screen with high resolution and at the same time sufficient independence will have to pay the price in size because a large battery is an additional millimeter of thickness + weight. In addition, battery life will depend on the optimization of the system, the processor, and the brightness level of the screen used;
  • Cameras. Nowadays, smartphones are also bought for photography/video recording. If you need the camera only for photos of counters in the apartment, you can ignore this and save money;
  • Wireless interfaces. Life without them is already impossible to imagine. In particular, for contactless payment, you need NFC technology in your smartphone, for wireless headphones connection - a stable Bluetooth, for mobile Internet - 4G/5G network support, and Wi-Fi use, yes, Wi-Fi module. In addition, not superfluous will be GPS navigation. It will not let you get lost in an unfamiliar city.

Smartphone manufacturers often go through a complicated and expensive procedure of licensing Android OS for each device. Accordingly, each new update of the system costs them extra money. Consequently, the termination of support for the smartphone occurs after 2-3 updates. However, note that in many Nokia smartphones, there are problems with the firmware: one phone spontaneously restarts, the second does not receive all the notifications, the third has "brakes" in the interface, despite the excellent hardware and positive feedback from other owners. So here it is, a matter of luck. You can read this to learn about mobile devices and technology news.

Model ranges of Nokia smartphones

A little about understanding the madness of naming Nokia phones to choose which model from which line is better to buy. Model naming has changed many times. One of the most recent offerings is the Nokia 8.4. And if on the big difference of numbers in the index the logic was seen, for example, the model 8.4 was many times more perfect than Nokia 2.4, then on the border models there were questions. For example, the rise in specs in the 7, 7 Plus, and 7.1 was not immediately apparent. Recently, the company has switched to a new kind of labeling. Three lines are introduced: C for ultra-budget, G for budget, and X for mid-price. Within the lines, there are numerical indexes like C30. Here everything is logical - the higher the number, the more modern and relevant the smartphone. There are still successful past models on sale along with the new models, denoted by two numerals with a dot between them.

Nokia 8.4

Top 8 Nokia smartphones in 2022

  • Nokia 2.4;  
  • Nokia C30;
  • Nokia 5.3;
  • Nokia G20;
  • Nokia 5.4;
  • Nokia X20;
  • Nokia X10;
  • Nokia 8.3.

Make sure to consider the disadvantages of each model so as not to be disappointed in the purchase. And it is highly recommended not to look at other Nokia smartphones, not from this rating, as they are frankly unsuccessful. 

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