Thanks To Galaxy S10 Trio, Samsung's Market Share In China Increased Nearly 4 Times

Karamchand Rameshwar - Mar 20, 2019, 11:59 pm IST

Thanks to the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung has managed to nearly quadruple its market share in the Chinese smartphone market.

Samsung has been the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer in the world, dominate many markets in many segments from cheap to high-end, especially in the Asian markets. However, in the Chinese market, Samsung does not retain this position anymore when the market share of Samsung smartphones in the billion-dollar market has slipped below 1%, an extremely remarkable figure for a big name like Samsung.

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However, that was before the Galaxy S10 trio was released. Since the Unpacked Galaxy event on February 20, when Samsung officially unveiled its new high-end smartphones, the smartphone market share of this manufacturer in China has shown positive signs.

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Galaxy S10 trio contributes to the growth of Samsung's smartphone market in China

Specifically, according to a source cited by Ice Universe, Samsung's smartphone market share in China has seen a threefold increase since the beginning of this year, from 1% to 3.6% in the 10th week of the year. And Galaxy S10 trio is the main factor that has contributed significantly to this growth.

In China, reports show that the Galaxy S10 order volume on the first day of sales has increased two times compared to the Galaxy S9 / S9 + duo launched last year. Other markets outside of China such as the UK and the US have also seen strong growth since the Galaxy S10 trio was launched, especially for the Galaxy S10 + version, despite its higher price tags. Samsung is expected to achieve sales of 40 to 45 million units by the end of this year, including 10 million units being sold only in March.

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You can buy the Galaxy S10 trio at a much lower price with Samsung's trade-up program

Not only Galaxy S10, but also Samsung's mid-range smartphone is expected to grow this year as Samsung has been implementing a new strategy with this product segment. With the launch of the all-new Galaxy A-series and Galaxy M-series, possessing advanced features but with extremely low and reasonable prices, these two product lines are supposed to be "Samsung’s saviors” in the developing markets.

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The new Galaxy M-series has also attracted a lot of attention from users. The newly launched Galaxy M10 and M20 duo have been reported to be found in many countries like India and Vietnam. That is one of the positive signs showing that Samsung is coming back, taking back the market share has fallen into the hands of Chinese manufacturers in the past 2018.

In the Indian market, Samsung has also launched quite a few mid-range smartphones, including the Galaxy M trio and a few Galaxy A series. Coming back or not, Samsung is trying really hard to gain back the market share of the mid-range smartphone segment, and customers will be the one to get the most benefits.