Seriously, Samsung Is Going To Launch Its Foldable Phone

Parvati Divakar - Nov 10, 2018

Seriously, Samsung Is Going To Launch Its Foldable Phone

Samsung has been developing its foldable handset for years and the company will share the preliminary information at the developer conference.

Samsung has gifted the world with a vision of our inevitable future. The company is doing something unique and original: The foldable phone.

Recently, Samsung Mobile posted a teaser on Twitter.

This really only means Samsung will show us something about the foldable phone at its developer conference.

Back in 2014, Samsung released an official advertisement for a foldable smartphone, a phone which can unfold to the tablet and back into a phone when you need a portable device. Ever since, Samsung has applied for numerous patents on Foldable smartphones as well as regular smartphones that simply folds in half.

Rumors sources claim that Samsung will reveal its full-on working prototype, but according to several sources, the company will focus on the software at the show.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho samsung foldable phone teaser

Nonetheless, the phone is reported to have a 4-inch screen on the outside when you fold the device. According to the Korean Republic The Bell, there will be a 4.58-inch screen on the outside and when unfolding the phone, you will see a 7.29-inch screen.

A new report says Samsung has set a schedule to move from development to production and could unveil this phone by the end of this year. However, the Korean tech giant is not the only company working on foldable devices. Other big companies like LG, Huawei also reportedly plan to release their own foldable phones. 

Especially, an unknown startup company introduced a foldable phone, which beat Samsung as the first player to roll out a device of thistype. The world's first foldable FlexPai phone features a 7.8-inch display and folds over itself -  this means the screen is always visible. While Samsung's phone is expected to fold under so it's like you fold a book.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho royole foldable phone

However, FlexPai is an actual finished product that they're selling to the public. The  Royole’s phone is expected to price at $1,318 for a 128GB model and $1,469 for 256GB.

With the latest member of the Samsung family, Galaxy Note 9 priced at $1000, the Samsung foldable phone is expected to be around $2000.


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