Samsung Galaxy Note 20 To Have Unrivaled Charging Speed Thanks To GaN Charger

Karamchand Rameshwar - Feb 25, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 To Have Unrivaled Charging Speed Thanks To GaN Charger

Samsung is tipped to be planning to equip its Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with a GaN charger and Apple, Huawei, and Oppo are also ready.

Charging your smartphone as quickly as possible is a problem that few people care about when buying a new device. Today, many manufacturers have been equipping their smartphones with chargers with fast charging capability, but that will become very normal when compared to what Samsung brings with the Galaxy Note 20 later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Alleged Case Schematic
Galaxy Note 10's successor is said to have an amazingly fast charging speed thanks to the GaN charger.

Specifically, a lot of information said that Samsung, Apple, OPPO, and Huawei are considering equipping GaN (Gallium Nitride) fast chargers for their products next year.

Gallium Nitride will replace the common silicon materials used in most current chargers, and will make them simpler, smaller, and much more efficient; not to mention the larger capacity GaN charger will allow you to use the same charger to charge many other devices - from smartphones, tablets, to large devices such as laptops.

The only downside to this technology is that it is more expensive than usual. That's why Samsung is more likely to only equip the GaN charger for one (the most advanced) version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, or even the Samsung Galaxy S21, rather than the mid-range smartphones on the Galaxy A series.

Xiaomis Gan Charger
Xiaomi’s GaN 65W charger.

Samsung and Apple really have to make major improvements in terms of device charging. The iPhone 11 Pro - which is Apple's fastest charging model - is still limited to 18W and must be charged via its proprietary Lightning port. This means this charger can’t be used on a large number of other high-end smartphones, which often use USB-C. The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S20 have slightly faster-charging speeds, default at 25W, and some models can be charged using their own charger at 45W.

Xiaomi has now sold a 50W GaN fast charger for the Mi 10 Pro, which will allow it to fully charge its 4,500mAh battery in 45 minutes. However, for this technology to become more widely available, other large companies, such as Apple, Huawei, and Samsung must follow the path that Xiaomi has pioneered.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will likely launch in August 2020, about 5 months from now. If you don't want to wait that long to get a super-fast flagship from Samsung, the best option right now is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - a highly expensive smartphone, but it worths paying for as it gets equipped with a charger with a capacity of up to 45W.

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