Galaxy F: New Leaks On Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone

Dhir Acharya - Nov 02, 2018

Galaxy F: New Leaks On Samsung’s First Foldable Smartphone

The up-coming foldable phone from Sanmsung is expected to launch in the company's event next week. So far, some leaks on specifications have been revealed.

Many people have expected Samsung to release it foldable smartphone at its next week Developer Conference, or at least explain the concept publicly. “Galaxy F” is actually how we currently call the up-coming phone with “F” standing for “foldable”. And the details about what being called Galaxy F have been leaked.

Galaxy F Release Date

According to SamMobile reports, the Galaxy F series will be number as SM-F900U model, the firmware version for the US market has been tested (F900USQU0ARJ5) for all carriers. The Asia version SM-F900N and European version SM-F900F will also be tested soon. The report added that Galaxy F will feature dual-SIM support and a storage of 512GB.

There have been other leaks that can give us a better imagining of the phone. According to the Korean Times, the Galaxy X may feature 7.3-inch screen when it’s unfolded, formed by two panels inside. Yet, The Bell suggested that the phone may come with three 3.5-inch OLED panels which form a display of 7 inches when unfolded.

From these leaks, we can expect huge plans for the Galaxy F from Samsung, no matter what type of phone it will be. The company is poised to launch the phone across the world, and the expect 512GB storage prompts that its price can be $1,000 (Rs 72,000) and higher.

Now Samsung has only two flagship series, namely Galaxy Note and Galaxy S. the so-called Galaxy F will be the third to be added to Samsung’s collection.

All in all, the upcoming phone is likely to be the first foldable phone made by Samsung. Otherwise, it may be Samsung’s gaming phone which has been talked about for a while now and in the work to be ready for launching. However, it’s worth noting that the Galaxy X name was spotted on the company’s site a year ago, date back when people used the Galaxy X to refer to foldable phones from Samsung.


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