Motorola Razr Shown With Broken Displays One Day After Official Sales

Karamchand Rameshwar - Feb 10, 2020

Motorola Razr Shown With Broken Displays One Day After Official Sales

The Motorola Razr units with broken displays on the photos are in-store demos, not brand-new devices purchased by consumers.

It seems that foldable smartphones always have a rough start. In April 2019, when the Samsung Galaxy Fold went to the first reviewers, there were a lot of reports about the Galaxy Fold’s screen getting broken after only a few days of use. And now, the same thing is happening with the Motorola RAZR.

Motorola Razr Broken Display 1

Motorola Razr Broken Display 2

After just one day of going on official sales, several phones have been sharead online, showing that the display of several Motorola units has been broken. The similarity of all these "ill-fated" devices is that they are all in-store demos. Because foldable smartphones are still a new trend and many people are curious to experience them, that's why these RAZRs are so "worn out".

Motorola Razr Broken Display 3

Motorola Razr Broken Display 4

In addition to the case of stripes and half-screen blue that users are relatively familiar when the OLED screen is broken, there is a specific case below when the screen of the device has been completely torn.

The issue is caused by the fact that the RAZR's screen is actually a very thin and flexible plastic layer because this is necessary to create a foldable smartphone. However, the problem is that the RAZR screen is not fixed to the chassis, even regular users can lift it up with just their fingernails. This makes the risk of failure is very high, not only by the user intentionally but also because dust and external objects can accidentally fall into this "deadly" gap.

Motorola Razr Broken Display 5
Users can lift the Motorola RAZR display with just a fingernail.

Previously, according to CNET's test, the Motorola RAZR only folded about 27,000 times to start having hinge problems. Although CNET's testing does not accurately reflect regular usage, after seeing a series of images above, maybe Motorola Razr is not a suitable choice for those who want to own a smartphone that can last.

The Motorola Razr costs $1,500 (around Rs. 1,07,000) and is currently only available in only one country, the US.

Motorola Razr price: around Rs. 1,07,000

Motorola Razr price in India: Unavailable

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