Moto G7 Plus And Motorola One Vision To Feature Portrait Relighting And Night Vision Mode

Anita - Apr 19, 2019

Moto G7 Plus And Motorola One Vision To Feature Portrait Relighting And Night Vision Mode

Motorola is developing new camera modes for the Moto G7 Plus and Motorola One Vision Including Night Vision and Portrait Relighting

Motorola has been becoming less confident in the affordable segment, something that was the company’s strong point since the Moto G launch in the last years. In addition to Motorola One Power, none of the affordable phones of the company made a mark because of fierce competition from various brands such as Xiaomi, Realme, Honor, and ASUS. Motorola is now trying to equip some interests of customers to its latest Moto G7 Plus and new One Vision.

Motorola Moto G7 Series Review 030

XDA-Developers reveals that both devices will have two new features in their cameras including Portrait Relighting and Night Vision. The G7 Plus and One Vision come with incredible dual rear camera setups and a 12MP front-facing camera for taking selfies. It is known that the One Vision smartphone has appeared in Bluetooth certification, Google AR Core, and FCC databases recently, which points towards the device’s impending launch. Two camera sensor features could be equipped in both the G7 Plus and One Vision after the latter launch.

Motorola Moto G7 Plus, One Vision Probably Feature Night Vision Camera Mode

Night Vision mode seems identical to the Night Mode which is being offered to newly-released devices from many brands comprising of Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, Honor, and Google. Besides, Motorola probably uses similar multi-frame noise reduction and stacking to improve the image output in low-light conditions when using the G7 Plus and the One Vision.

The Moto G7 Plus Could Soon Gain Night Vision Came

At present, Huawei and Google are the two best providers of night modes on smartphones. The latest Huawei P30 Pro features the best night mode in the industry, thanks to broader aperture and larger sensor over the newly-launched Pixel smartphones.

After Google unveiled its Night Sight feature with the Google Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL, a lot of other brands began to use multi-frame stacking to take better-looking and brighter photos in the low-light situations. But none of which could reach the pinnacle of Night Sight regarding photo quality. The Bright Night mode of Samsung that automatically triggers in dark conditions became a significant failure. But it is still being said that Samsung is on track of developing immensely better Super Night mode that can be manually activated, unlike its Bright Night.

Portrait Relighting Camera Features Also Coming


Portrait Relight mode sounds entirely identical to Portrait Lighting of Apple, which allows users to customize how the lighting falls on the face of subjects and how background blur operates. The feature could help users to edit light effects and blur even after taking a portrait photo. According to XDA-Developers, Motorola has been working on many influences of Portrait Relighting such as Sunshine, Studio, Stage, Side, Noir, and Colour Pop.


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