LG Velvet Announced: Mid-Range Smartphone With Stunning Design

Karamchand Rameshwar - Apr 13, 2020

LG Velvet Announced: Mid-Range Smartphone With Stunning Design

If you love smartphones with stunning design, the LG Velvet will likely worth the wait as LG claims that it will focus heavily on the design of this phone.

LG, one of Samsung’s rivals in its home market has recently officially launched a completely new product line called LG Velvet. LG has long been regarded as an "underdog" when compared to Samsung in the mobile industry, both in the Korean and international markets. With the new Velvet series, LG is hoping to regain market share in the hands of rivals.

Lg Velvet
LG Velvet with the 'raindrop' design.

According to a press release from LG, the new LG Velvet smartphone series will be a lineup that strongly focuses on design instead of focusing on hardware configuration or camera like other products on the market. This has coincided with recent information when LG introduced a new 3D design called "raindrop", which will soon appear on LG's future smartphone models.

LG also revealed that it will no longer use names with the suffix as traditional numbers, replacing by a completely new and more expressive naming pattern. We can see the name "Velvet" is inspired by a velvet type, somewhat implying that LG smartphones in the future will have a soft and characteristic design.

“Our new branding reflects current trends of addressing the unique personal tastes and emotions of the individual with a greater emphasis on design,” LG revealed in a press release sent by the company today. And it seems that previous rumors suggest that LG's new smartphone will use the Snapdragon 765 chipset.

Lg Velvet
LG said that it will heavily focus on the design of this upcoming phone.

It's been a long time since LG used the curved and edge-to-edge screen design on its products. With the revamping of smartphone design on the new LG Velvet series, will LG be able to compete with Samsung when it goes against the current trend, focusing solely on design?

LG has not confirmed any rumors yet, but we can expect new details to be released on May 15.

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