Huawei Is Not Going To Sell Its New Mate 20 Series In Us Market

Karamchand Rameshwar - Oct 25, 2018

Huawei Is Not Going To Sell Its New Mate 20 Series In Us Market

Huawei just confirmed that the company will not sell its new flagship series - Mate 20 on the US market.

Huawei, a very famous Chinese smartphone brand that is believed to be more popular compared to the giant Apple globally, has just confirmed the rumor that Huawei is not going to sell its new flagships, Mate 20 series, in US market.


Huawei Watch Gt 1
Two Editions of Huawei Watch GT: Sport Edition (left); Classic Edition (right)

But Huawei still plans to bring a new smartwatch named Watch GT to US market, but there is no further detail about its price as well as availability.

The statement of Huawei may suggest that fans of Huawei phones in the US will still be allowed to buy those phones in Asian or European markets but they have to make sure that their networks will support those Asian and European versions or not. For example, The Huawei Mate 20 series uses the GSM standards which may not be supported by several carries in US like Sprint - a large telecommunications company only supports CDMA.
Though, the absence of Huawei from such big market like the US probably disappoint a lot of Android fans there, who will face a lot of problems in getting very exciting Android phones this year.

The Mate 20 Series of Huawei
The Mate 20 Series of Huawei

Last Tuesday, Huawei just launched its new Mate 20 phone series which are Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro as well as mate 20 X at an event in London. According to IDC data, the phone manufacturer has beaten Apple to take its second place in the list of world biggest phone vendors, occupying 15.8% of global market share and only staying behind Samsung.

Huawei managed to surpass Apple

The new Mate 20 Pro, whose price is starting at 1,049 Euro ~ $1,215, is packed with more features than the iPhone XS Max whose price is $1,099, with facial recognition, in-display fingerprint sensor, built-in AI, and also an triple-lense camera that can take wide shots as well as beautiful macro.

The Huawei’s Mate phone series is put against notable competitors like Pixel 3 as well as Pixel 3 XL of Google and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 also. A Forrester analyst whose name Thomas Husson believed that this Mate series would become the best-selling Android phone until a new flagship of Samsung is released.

Huawei is being suspected by the US of spying on its US customers

Huawei is getting a lot of pressure from US government
Huawei is getting a lot of pressure from US government

Huawei originally was a telecommunications equipment company but has also jumped in the big phone industry and gained a lot of popularity for its feature-packed and also well-made Android smartphones from 2013. The company even briefly partnered with the tech giant Google to make one of the Nexus smartphones.

Even though there is no official evidence showing that Huawei is attempting to spy on its customers, the US government is still using 'possible risks of security' as a reason to pressure US carriers not to offer phones from Chinese companies.

In January, as a result, AT&T canceled its agreement to carry Mate 10 Pro of Huawei which was expected to be a good phone to penetrate US market. In addition, Bloomberg also reported that another large US telecommunications company - Verizon refused to carry Huawei’s smartphones. Best Buy decided to apply the same action against Chinese phones on March, reported by Reuters.

Being dropped by many major telecommunications companies and businesses in US essentially prevented Huawei from selling phones in the US. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer mobile, stated in earlier this year that it was "a big loss for consumers, because they don't have the best choice for devices."

Despite him being cool on the event presenting Huawei’s new Mate 20 phone series, but being locked out of a big market like the US definitely a big blow for Huawei.


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