New Honor View 20's Camera Samples Show Its Low-Light Capabilities & Long Exposure

Karamchand Rameshwar - Jan 11, 2019

New Honor View 20's Camera Samples Show Its Low-Light Capabilities & Long Exposure

New camera samples of the Honor View 20 show that the phone's camera is capable of taking great photos in low-light conditions and has a long exposure.

Honor View 20, also known as Honor V20 in the Chinese market, was released last month in China as the first phone to come with a 48MP camera on the rear and an in-display front camera. The phone will globally launch on 22 January and 29 January in the Indian market. Honor opts for a ½-inch Sony IMX586 sensor with 0.8µm pixels and an aperture of f/1.8. This is currently the highest megapixel camera available on any existing phone, and it’s even higher than those of high-end cameras like Sony A7R III or Nikon D850.

Es Ces19 Honorview20

Honor View 20

Before globally launching the Honor View 20, the Chinese phone maker posted some of the phone’s camera samples using the 48MP rear sensor. The 48MP rear sensor captures an 8,000 x 6,000 pixels resolution in an aspect ratio of 4:3. With such a high-resolution sensor, the phone can take photos with much better details, and the photo samples did show why having it is an advantage. You can even zoom into different parts of it without losing out much detail which is a common case when doing the same thing with a photo taken by a standard sensor.

Photos taken by the Honor View 20

Honor View20 Camera Sample Intext

Photos taken by the Honor View 20 with Super Night mode (AIS)

Honor View20 Camera Sample Night Mode Intext

Photos of the Geminid Meteor Shower at ISO 3200 and 30-second exposure

Honor View20 Camera Sample Geminid Intext

The images indicate that the photos taken on daylight have the best detail. While users have to use the digital zoom to get closer to a part of a photo, with the Honor View 20, they only need to crop a part of it. The pictures also show that the 48MP sensor is not only good for taking pictures in daylight, but it is also great at low-light conditions. You can see that the images captured by the 48MP main sensor, with the support of Super Night mode (AIS), shows shadows and details in the street and buildings even despite limited sources of light.


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