Google Pixel 3 Just Barely Beats The iPhone XR In A Drop Test

Karamchand Rameshwar - Dec 10, 2018

Google Pixel 3 Just Barely Beats The iPhone XR In A Drop Test

JerryRigEverything just conducted a drop test using the Pixel 3 and iPhone XR, and the Pixel 3 only barely beat the iPhone XR in the test.

Many phone producers are using glass as the material for their devices’ back more than before. Two main reasons for this change are; firstly, handsets with a glass back look much better compared to devices with a metal back. Secondly, the new design also allows phone producers to enable wireless charging in their handsets. However, handsets with this glass design will be more fragile and more likely to get more damaged compared to the ones with metal back. And that translates directly to a boost in the repair costs for the already costly handsets.

iPhone XR vs Pixel 3 in a Drop Test

JerryRigEverything, a very popular YouTuber, conducted drop tests of the Pixel 3. And to make the test more interesting, he added an iPhone XR alongside the Pixel 3. The iPhone XR is the more affordable iPhone device that Apple just released this year, along with iPhone XS and XS Max. He conducted a total of 8 drop tests for both handsets from different heights to simulate conditions in the real world until either phone was severely damaged.

He stated in his video that these drop tests aren’t exactly scientific as the outcome of each of the drop can be different in terms of the angle of the drop, the material on the ground, how many times the handset flipped in the air and where the device’s body hit the ground.

However, despite being at the same level as the more high-end iPhone XS, the Pixel only barely came out on top. To be more specific, the last drop left some damages at the iPhone XR’s back while its front had already been damaged in the previous drops. On the other hand, the glass on the Pixel 3’s camera lens had been shattered in the last drop, and the same happened with the glass on top of the handset. Zack, the one did the test, admitted that he doesn’t do a lot of drop tests as the outcomes of these drop tests aren’t really consistent, and instead, he mostly focuses on regular torture tests or modding videos.


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