Beginners Tips & Tricks on Surviving in Apex Legends

hoaict - Jun 23, 2022

Beginners Tips & Tricks on Surviving in Apex Legends

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

You're probably familiar with the hype with the Apex Legends title in the world of battle Royales. Regardless of what you heard about the game, you can be an Apex Legends champion if you want it badly enough. You have to play by the rules, incorporating some personal tricks where relevant.

Beginners on Apex Legends make dozens of avoidable mistakes. But we don’t want you to make the same mistakes. So, we’ll be sharing some tips that contributed to our Apex Legends success story. But before all that, grab some Apex Legends cheats from to shorten the learning curve. 

5 tips and tricks for beginners in Apex Legend

1. Choose characters that match your style

One of the exhaustive aspects of Apex Legends is the wide array of characters players must choose before playing. While you can randomly select any character and head into the game, we advise you not to do so. Instead, pick a character that fits your preferred play style. Thankfully, the characters are categorized into defensive, support, recon, etc.

For instance, if you prefer defending your team, you'll need a character such as Gibraltar or Caustic. Gibraltar has an ability that allows him to deploy a bubble shielding his teammates in extreme situations. Caustic also has an ability that will enable him to drop canisters to release fumes and hinder approaching enemies.

2. Avoid spamming your abilities

Who wouldn’t like to flaunt his superpowers and watch his enemies cower for it? Well, you can, but doing that in Apex Legends comes with a price you may not be willing to pay. Avoid brandishing your Ultimate or Tactical abilities when you're faced with combat until the battle gets heated.

This is because most of these abilities have a long cooldown time. Gibraltar’s bubble shield, for example, should be reserved for when the team's covers have been destroyed. This should help buy some time for healing agents like Lifeline or Loba to help wounded teammates.

3. Study your surroundings

New players will want to go about gathering stuff and spamming their abilities at opponents, but you must avoid this. It’s best to use this period while new on Apex Legends to learn the maps. A good way to do this is by landing at different random spots during matches.

Take note of the surroundings, including good loot locations, flanks, covers, vantage positions, escape routes, etc. With time, you’ll get familiar with the map, which becomes an advantage when playing against inexperienced and experienced players.

4. Always have your teammates nearby

You may have a fair chance at survival when playing solo on battle royales such as COD or Fortnite. But in Apex Legends, you'll need to belong to a team and, more importantly, play as a team. This is crucial because different agents have abilities that complement each other.

You may have the aggressiveness of Octane or Fuse and still die cheaply. You’ll need the recon skills of Bloodhound or Valkyrie to make your team more coordinated. In addition, you’ll need protection and healing from other teammates. The abilities of all your teammates will benefit you, so always stick with them.

5. Manage your inventory with caution

Even with your agent's amazing abilities, you'll need guns in certain situations. You’ll start the game with a white backpack with limited storage. As such, you’ll have to select its content with caution – the most relevant coming first.

That backpack must contain a medkit and some ammo for your gun. You might also slot in some grenades for special encounters. Also, you’ll need shield batteries and shield cells. As you advance in the game, you’ll get a bigger backpack with more slots. Fill those slots with ammo and medkits.


To survive in Apex Legends, know the map and thread carefully with your abilities. Even when you have a favorite agent pick, learn to play using 2 other agents. In addition, we recommend playing with your teammates all the time. 

Also, ensure you have the right inventory in your backpack; one of them must be a MedKit. To know the game better, join online communities and watch pro players. You’ll be able to learn additional tips and useful intel about the game’s meta. 


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