Android Co-Founder Teased Essential Phone 2 With Different Form Factor

Karamchand Rameshwar - Oct 10, 2019

Android Co-Founder Teased Essential Phone 2 With Different Form Factor

Android Co-founder and Essential founder Andy Rubin has just teased the Essential Phone 2 with a different form factor that you have never seen before.

Form factor is one of the features that phone makers have long been done a ton of experiments on. In recent years, they have come up with many solutions to shrink the display bezels such as waterfall displays, foldable screen, pop-up selfie cameras.

These have already emerged for quite a while, so they are not something we are unfamiliar with. Now, Android co-founder and also founder of Essential Andy Rubin has gone to Twitter and teased his next phone possibly the Essential Phone 2, and it is pretty much something that you have never seen before.


You can clearly see that the form factor of the Essential Phone 2 is very tall. It looks pretty much like an opened clamshell, except it is not, and it also does not close as well. The phone is narrower and taller than any phone we have ever seen. And with this unique form factor, the device also comes with a new UI, which might run on top of Android, but he doesn’t mention anything about the phone’s operating software, so there is still a small chance that it might be an entirely new software instead.

The mapping app in the photo does not look like Google Maps, and it seems the entire UI is based on vertically scrolling cards. However, these are not the only things unique in this phone. The gradient finish shown on the below photo is on another level. The camera bump at the back of the phone also protrudes significantly, and it seems the module only contains a single sensor. There seems to be a fingerprint scanner right below the camera module as well. On the front, you can easily see a small cut-out to house a selfie camera. Despite having a tall form factor, the phone seems quite small and compact compared to phones these days.

It seems like Rubin is planning to shake the mobile industry in the upcoming future once again. We assume that Essential still has something unique about this phone that hasn’t been shown in these photos. If not, it could be a tough challenge for the company to sell the phone with just the unique form factor. Hopefully, there will be more details about the Essential Phone 2 soon.


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