Apple May Launch The iPhone 11R This Year, A Budget Phone With High-End Specs

Mandy Seth - Jun 13, 2019

Apple May Launch The iPhone 11R This Year, A Budget Phone With High-End Specs

At the price of 2018's iPhone XR, the iPhone 11R is likely to feature all upgraded specs including chip, camera, and more. Will it be another success?

Today, smartphone makers can’t just inflate the value of their devices for the advanced features they add in as they did before. Take the case of Google, for example, just a couple of months after releasing the expensive Pixel 3 series, the company continued to deliver the 3a phone which was equipped almost equal to the Pixel 3 but with half the price! Similarly, the iPhone XR - which is now standing for Apple’s brand in the mid-range option - has the price of Rs 52,038. The phone had the trendy 'inferior' screen but “no- brainer” upgrade and a plastic chassis. It makes the phone less luxurious a lot!

The question for all hardware producers is whether it is possible to develop a new tech that might replace the smartphone. The answer may be “yes” but how long does it take to get it done. It seems like talking is just a lot easier than doing! Nevertheless, there is no reason to think that the iPhone 11R - a new Apple’s mid-priced smartphone - won’t be as hot as the others. The strategic strategy for budget-friendly smartphones winning the market is defining themselves by the floor, not the ceiling, so the 11R is expected to adopt perfectly all the basic standards.  

The new successor to the iPhone XR is scheduled to launch at the Apple’s September iPhone event, under the name iPhone 11R. With all the information leaking out until now, we have pretty enough details for what the new phone may look like.

It seems like the worldwide market is moving toward middle-priced smartphone


The most significant difference between the iPhone XR and its upcoming successor is the size. It seems like the iPhone 11R won't have the smallest size in the series. As per analyst Ming Chi Kuo's prediction, the Apple’s September iPhone event may introduce two luxurious phones at the size of 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches, with high-end OLED screens. The third phone - which supposed to have an LCD screen - is at a middle size of 6.1 inches. Which means, the small-handed iFan will now have a chance to upgrade to a swankier phone, without worrying about its size. On the other hand, for the more budget-friendly customers, their choice is now available at a bigger size which is promising to bring out better user’s experience.  

Three iPhones coming up this autumn will likely have the A13 chip which is already under production. The chip will focus mainly on AR experience and improve the camera editing features.

The gap between the 11R and the rest of the series is that the iPhone 11R will have only two rear cameras, which include a 12MP telephoto, a 12MP wide-angle lens, and a front-facing camera which is 12MP with the TrueDepth sensor.  

The predicted specs revealed by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

Release date

As usual, Apple will introduce its latest phones in autumn, in September. Last year, the event took place on Wednesday, September 12. The phone shipping then went a week later at the date of September 21.

This year, Wednesday will be September 11 so Apple may hold its annual event on Tuesday or Thursday to dodge coinciding with the tragic anniversary.  


There may not me too much change regarding the price. When it comes to the middle-price range, there is certainly a lot of competition causing pressures on the device’s price, and then there is the open-ended trade war with China. The situation may possibly end up attacking the main suppliers of the company. However, the effect if it has any chance to happen won’t solely affect Apple, but Apple’s competitors as well. So, it is most likely that the 11R will remain the price of Rs 52,050 like its predecessor - the iPhone XR.

Color variants

The iPhone XR’s had its own unique color variants, and so will the iPhone 11R, but on a whole new level of amazingly impressive shades with black, white, lavender, red, green and yellow. The information is given by Mac Otakara - a Japanese tech outlet.  

Reported by @idanbo in this week tweet did reveal the color of the successor of the iPhone XR. 

Lavender and green are two new colors supposing to displace the last year’s line up of blue and coral. Mark Gurman - an experienced Apple reporter - tweeted two pictures of some pieces of the iPhone 11R’s colorful cases.


The iPhone 11R will be the latest cheapest phone for Apple this year. But, it doesn't mean the phone won’t have the latest features of the next generation tech development. Here are features supposed to come along with the phone, reported by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Two of the iPhone 11R color variants

Portable Wireless Charger Mode: is a solution that Apple uses to make up for the cancellation of the AirPower. Kuo, then, prophesied that it might be possible to place the Apple Watch on the new phone’s back to charge, like what we are able to do with the Galaxy S10.   

Advanced TrueDepth Camera: The upcoming iPhone 11R will sport only two rear cameras, but it will be improved to take it all in with a 12MP front-facing camera. This is supposed to strongly support the graininess seen in today’s high-classed smartphones. The latest camera is further presumed to be disguised through “black lens-coating technologies,” which helps the notch blend entirely among the performance.

AI-Powered Image Editing: The next successor of the XR may drop out toward the third camera, but it is designed with the A12 chips included in which may come with enhanced AI editing features. The company is preparing a feature that is helpful to ease the process of taking 3D-photos, supporting to AR, and it will, too, develop a focus that is able to alter images and repair a matter of an accidentally crop out. Some of these features, as said before, will probably be limited to premium models.

There's more ahead

Every coin has two sides, so does the iPhone 11R. There is a factor that may lower the interest of iFan to this new iPhone, which is slightly larger bezels than its more expensive cousins, causing the missing of the third camera in comparison with the rest. The XR was by far recorded as the best-selling smartphone of Apple in 2018, so what will the iPhone 11R have to offer this year?


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