Latest MSI Gaming Laptops Are Available In India

Anil - Apr 26, 2019

Latest MSI Gaming Laptops Are Available In India

The range starts at Rs 77,990 and goes up to Rs 3,99,990.

For now, all of the latest MSI gaming laptops are finally rolled out in India, which includes several series of GE, GF, GL, GP, GS, and GT. Indian customers are available to buy these laptops through online channels like Flipkart, Amazon or at an MSI exclusive store. The cheapest one may be priced at IRS 78,000 and it’s likely to cost you IRS 3,99,990 for the highest variant.

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This new lineup is said to feature the recently announced 9th Gen Intel CPUs and new Nvidia GTX 16-series. It has not announced every exact variant of CPU used in these laptops, but the processors might range from Core i5 9400H to Core i99980HK. In addition, they will be powered with new Nvidia GTX 16-series GPUs.

First and foremost, the GF75 Thin and GF 63 Thin variants are the most affordable gaming laptops in this lineup that MSI is offering to gamers in the Indian market. The company built up these variants for those who want simple aesthetics. They are expected to have Intel Core i7 CPU and 5GB of GDDR5 RAM inside. In term of GPUs, they’ll up to GeForce GTX 1650.


On the other hand, two flagships of MSI including GT63 and GT75 are stars in this lineup. According to MSI, these two gaming laptops come with a 4K, 17.3-inch display, Nvidia GPU GeForce RTX 2090, and SSD storage with multiple terabytes.

Talking about the variants of GP and GL laptops, the GP75 Leopard has been built with RTX 2060 and 17.3-inch full HD display with a 144Hz refresh rate.

Last but not least, MSI also releases portable variants GS65 Stealth and GS75 Stealth. They’re said to sport with GeForce RTX 2080, 8GB of GDDR6 RAM, 15.6-inch / 17.3-inch full HD displays. Besides, SteelSeries RGB keyboards are provided too.


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