Apple Take Its Turn To Promote Its Product With An Android Phone

Dhir Acharya - Dec 19, 2018

Apple Take Its Turn To Promote Its Product With An Android Phone

Apple reportedly posted a comment on Twitter via an Android phone.

We already know that Samsung has reportedly used Apple’s iPhones to promote their own brand. What about vice versa?

On November 2, global pop star Ariana Grande tweeted about her Christmas & Chill Extended Play (EP). Later, Apple Music Twitter account retweeted with a link to the music album on its iTunes site.

The tweet would just be gone and forgotten if it hadn’t been for YouTuber Marques Brownlee. Yesterday, the YouTuber revealed that Apple’s retweet was posted via an Android device.


Some people may argue that this doesn’t matter since Android users can download Apple Music on their devices. However, it’s still kind of embarrassing that an official account admin of Apple actually uses a handset device running on Android instead of Apple’s operating system iOS, especially when Apple has taken extra attention in taking care of its public image.

Despite this mistake, Apple could have done worse. Rather than posting comments on some social network, the company could have used an Android phone to promote its own iOS products.

Samsung seems to beat Apple at this. Earlier this month, also on Twitter’s platform, a Samsung’s account admin posted a video promoting its new smartphone, with an iPhone. The account was quickly deactivated after that, but not quick enough to escape the sight of Twitter users. Or a little while back in late October, Samsung’s Russian ambassador was spotted on air using an iPhone X. The Russian socialite also showed up at several high-profile events with the Apple’s smartphone instead of a Samsung one. Samsung reportedly sued her for this accident but other than some compensation, Samsung could not save its reputation.

Regarding Apple, before its sales dropped dramatically, it used to become the first company in the world to be worth one trillion, and the popularity of its iPhone series cannot be denied. Hopefully, this accident will not result in any considerable damage.


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