Xiaomi's New Product Is Planning To Compete With Amazon’s Top Selling Kindle

Harin - Nov 22, 2018

Xiaomi's New Product Is Planning To Compete With Amazon’s Top Selling Kindle

Xiaomi is having an intention to develop a similar product to Amazon's famous Kindle e-reader.

Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics company has been expanding their range of products from TVs, smartphones, air purifiers to even toothbrushes. One of the gadgets that Xiaomi buyers have been asking and waiting for a long time is a product similar to the famous Amazon’s Kindle e-reader.

Now, it may be that the company has already been working on their very own Kindle. Last year, a 3D sample of a Xiaomi e-reader was already completed. However, according to three Xiaomi engineers, at that time, the company was focus primarily on the smartphone and smart home gadgets field so the project was put on hold.

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There is no official news about when the product will be launched. But now, during these last few years, Xiaomi has witnessed its sales and marketing network expand globally and as there is a rise in the customer’s demand for an e-reader, the wait might not be long. It will be interesting to see the product’s design and features.

Recently, a Chinese smartphone company named Meitu was taken over by Xiaomi. While the original smartphone designs from Meitu will be kept, Xiaomi will be responsible for the research and development, producing process, business operations, sales and marketing. All image-related algorithms and technologies will be handled by Meitu.

After the acquisition, a first-ever triple selfie camera smartphone from Meitu has been spotted. This will be an exciting news for selfie lovers as they are now getting three cameras. The three cameras will consist of 12-megapixel, 20-megapixel, and 8-megapixel. The intention of each sensor is still remaining hidden. But it is certain there will be a standard front-facing camera together with a wide-angle one and one to capture images with beautiful bokeh effect. There will be a dual camera with 12-megapixel and 8-megapixel sensors on the back of the phone.


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