Top Gadgets For Weed Lovers

Anita - Apr 20, 2019

Top Gadgets For Weed Lovers

Let's take a look at the list of 17 best gadgets for weed lovers.

1 - Puffo Peak 


Price: US$380

The Puffo Peak is known as a kind of concentrate vaporizer in modern times. This vaporizer can heat up quickly, has an intelligent feature that can adjust heat times whether the bowl is hot, and four settings of heat. It sports haptic feedback and an LED light band.

2 - UFO Pipe


Price: US$9

Taking your toking to stars with a Grasscity’s novelty pipe with UFO shape. It does not have any carb hole, however, it is still actually more about its looks anyway. A reviewer comments that it is easily able to be disguised as an ornament or shelf piece. That is a bonus for those finding a suitable pipe for their own nerdy decor.

3 - Weed Pool Float 


Price: US$35

If you feel that you are floating with a good high, imagine what adding a real pool float to your experience probably does. The float from OMG Toy looks like a huge marijuana leaf, which is the best for your following trip to Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, or other states with legal weed. And or you are able to float longingly in it in a location which still bans pot.

4 - Toker Poker 


Price: US$8.00

No longer do you have to depend on your lighter’s bottom edge in order to push pot down into your pipe’s bowl. The lighter sleeve - Toker Poker has a location to wrap hemp wick, a poker, and a tamper.

5- Pokemon Pokeball Grinder


Price: US$11.50

If your catching-them-all idea comprises of different kush strains, you will want to crush your pot in a grinder with Pokeball shape. It is designed for “herbs and spices.” It is used when you have to pulverize some sage or oregano.

6 - Pax 3 Smart Vaporizer 


Price: US$212.49

There is also an application for the Pax 3 vaporizer. It works with Android and iOS application to allow you to customize vape sessions via temperature control. And it is also able to lock vaporizer to prevent unauthorized tokers.

7 - Smell-proof Backpack 


Price: $89.95

You should take your gear for smoking pot and your stash with you and simultaneously stay under the radar with a backpack that can prevent smell. It is carbon lined with a filter made of charcoal which can suck up the dank tank so your bud, pipe, and bong can become your companions in your trip. The company also produces a carry all and stash case with smaller size.

8 - Stash Jar


Price: US$16

The Honeypuff stash jar can do other things in addition to ensure the safety for your weed such as keeping tabs on the condition of your herb with an internal hydrometer and thermometer on the lid. And it advertises a seal which can prevent smell.

9 - Shine Gold Rolling Papers


Price: US$20

 Trade bong for bling with the Shine 24k gold rolling papers on hemp-blend base.

10 - High Ball


Price: Starting at US$20

High Ball is known as an e-game on Kickstarter which has been unfunded yet and designed for you to play when you are high. This gadget includes a LED-light-covered colorful ball. If you want to play on this mode, you need to move a special color light to the ball top with a shorter time period to do. The “really high” mode of the game mainly includes eyeing all pretty colors.

Remember that not entire crowdfunding projects can deliver as promised and in time.

11 - MagicalButter


Price: US$190

 MagicalButter takes entire labor out of butter and infusing oils with the drug. This kitchen gadget is connected with electricity and heats ingredients to the right temperature for a time period. If you are finding inspiration, the site of MagicalButter provides recipes for anything from “heavenly hazelnut spread” to “magical tincture”.

12 - Otto Automatic Grinder


Price: US$130

Now you do not have to grind and roll with Otto, a Banana Pros gadget which automates the entire process. According to the company, if your material is full of stems, dry, moist, or sticky, it will grind and fill a perfect cone at a button’s touch anytime.

13 - Cannabis Rex Speaker


Price: US$90

Speakers to replace bass and guitar amps which are crafted with the hemp cones have been praised for the tone. Not only does the Eminence Patriot Cannabis Rex rock a great name, but it also receives good reviews. Their tone is described as "smokey smooth," nudge, nudge, wink, wink. You should install this in your amplifier and you can tell others the secret for your hemp sound.


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