This Man Built His Own Airpods For Just Rs 279

Dhir Acharya - Jun 03, 2019, 8:38 am IST

If you want to get yourself the wireless AirPods but still hesitate about its high price, you can follow this man and make one on your own.

Although the AirPods are easy to pair with your smartphone, you may still hesitate about paying Rs 11,133 for a pair of earbuds that have tiny batteries and survive only one and a half years. This is how Redditor Sam Cashbook feels, so he chose not to spend over Rs 11,000 on the Apple gadgets, he instead created his own AirPods using electronic parts that cost only Rs 279.

This man created his own AirPods using only Rs 279 worth of gadgets

As you may expect, the results don’t look pretty and they may give you some light electric shock sometimes if you wear them while doing a sweaty workout. The Redditor used a pair of wired Apple earbuds, he neutered and upgraded them using guts that he took from a cheap bone headset bought on eBay.

Essentially, he had to wire the earbuds and the gadgets together so that the speakers of the earbuds replaced those the headset relied on. While the process required him to do some soldering work delicately, the results work pretty well.

The DIY wireless earbuds using Apple wired earbuds and cheap gadgets

Furthermore, he gave his DIY AirPods a larger rechargeable battery. But even without that, his handmade AirPods still work virtually as well as the real Apple’s offerings, they even have buttons to control volume and playback in use. The home-made earbuds may not look premium or pretty, but they do help them own wireless earbuds for a price almost 40 times lower than Apple’s AirPods.

Apple first released the premium wireless earbuds in 2016 and introduced the second iteration on March 20, 2019, with longer battery life.