Tech Whiz To Startup A Company At The Age Of 13 With 3 Employees

Indira Datta - Dec 20, 2018

Tech Whiz To Startup A Company At The Age Of 13 With 3 Employees

At the age of 13, he developed his own company called Trinet Solution, and has a full corporate website, logo and customer.

Aadithyan Rajesh was a student at Elite English School in Abu Hail. When he was 9 years old, he developed his own first mobile app. He started doing this as a hobby in order to escape from the boredom of his life. Now, it has become a life target of the 13-year-old boy living in Dubai, doing great things in a technology startup.

Aadithyan Rajesh

Since developing the first mobile application, he uploaded his applications to Aptoide. This is an alternative app market on Android devices. At the age of 13, he has developed his own company called Trinet Solution and owned a full corporate website, logo, and customer.

Rajesh said that he was born Thiruvilla, Kerala and then moved to Dubai when he was 5 years old. The site that his dad first showed him was the BBC Tying site. This is a website for children and students to learn and to practice typing.

After a year in operation, Khaleeji Times had an interview with people in Kerala and they said Rajesh had started using computers since the age of five.

He developed his first mobile application four years ago

Aadithyan thinks he spends much of his time on computers because his family lives in a place where there are not many friends. Most of his childhood was spent watching cartoons on YouTube and playing bee spelling games. Since then, he has become increasingly fascinated with computers and technology.

After spending a lot of time playing online games, Aadithyan decided to develop a mobile application by himself.

The first application developed by Aadithyan was a web browser like Google Chrome, called "Ashirwad Browser". He used Android Studio to build this application, however, it had less customization than Chrome. At that time, Aadithyan was only 9 years old and to publish apps on Google Play, he had to pay a fee of $ 25 so Aadithyan uploaded his applications to the Aptoide market.

Aadithyan has been learning more about software development, hardware, and applications. He is more concerned with security and network security.

This seventh-grader started implementing Trinet Solutions on December 17, 2017. Through this, he also wants to improve the ability to design, implement, and offer these services to everyone for free. This young IT guy wants to make his company a multinational company and develop applications on the iOS platform.

Currently, Trinet operates with 3 members, Aadithyan and two 11th and 12th grade friends at his school. According to Aadithyan, they are currently not an LLC, since he needs to be over 18 years old to be allowed to form an official company. However, they operate as a company and have 12 clients currently offering them design and coding services for free.

This 13-year-old talent is mainly working on weekends. He said:


Aadithyan is also a very active YouTuber, working with his video and channel, called "A Craze." He said he wanted to spread what he knew through video for everyone. Currently, he is making courses for developing Android apps through YouTube videos.

His family is very supportive of his work. His 6-year-old sister is the one who helped and filmed all of his YouTube videos.

Aadithyan's father, Rajad Nair, said he could only register for his son when he was 18. At the moment, he works as a real company and helps the school, teachers, and friends for free. The family did not participate in any of his activities.

Aadithyan is currently researching and developing a classroom management software that helps teachers. This app can help reduce the burden on teachers in the classroom by enabling notification for tests, notes for upcoming classes, and more.


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