Recharge Your Tesla Model 3 By Having It Towed

Author - Nov 15, 2018

Recharge Your Tesla Model 3 By Having It Towed

Tech Forum, a YouTube channel, conducted a test on the Tesla Model 3 regenerative braking feature. Wanna see how that worked out?

Like other electric vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 has a generative break that helps recharge the car and makes it run longer. Theoretically, we can recharge the car’s battery by towing it; and a Model 3 user recently tested that feature.

Although the car is absolutely not designed for this, having the car towed by another one is not necessarily against any rules. Later shared by Electreck, YouTube channel Tech Forum was curious about what actually happens if he tries the regenerative braking feature. Particularly, he had a Ford C-Max hybrid tow a Model 3.

Previously, Matt also did a test, it was before Tesla launched the version 9 software featuring stronger regenerative braking on the car. In his second test, besides the feasibility, Matt wanted to conduct the test on a longer leg for more considerable outcomes.

The test started when the car had already traveled for 227 miles (over 365 kilometers), he switched off creep mode and after about 4 minutes 20 seconds, you can spot the influence of towing the car on its energy consumption graph as in the video below.

When the towing started, the level of energy consumed quickly dropped to near the bottom while at the same time, the projected range rocketed. After being towed for over 1.5 kilometers, the car could drive itself for another 15 kilometers with just the energy generated from the towing.

When Tesla was told about the test and asked questions, the company consider it a creative way to recharge the car, but not a really practical one as it would require a much longer time and at a higher speed for a full charge. Tesla’s official recommendation is to tow the car with a flatbed truck. You may also want to note that the car must be “on” for the regenerative braking to work appropriately. Yet, after all, it’s possible!


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