Bluetooth Headphone Price In India: The Best And The Cheapest

Dhir Acharya - Jan 09, 2020

Bluetooth Headphone Price In India: The Best And The Cheapest

These are some of the best Bluetooth headphone offers in the Indian market, some at around Rs 1,000 while others can go over Rs 20,000.

The past year witnessed the launch of many headphones and earbuds, some offer extremely high quality. However, great performance often comes with hefty price tags, and the majority of users in India. So, this article the best Bluetooth headphone list for around Rs 1,000 for Indian users. Check it out!

iBall Pulse BT4


This brand sells good quality, affordable headphones. This one is probably the best candidate for a Bluetooth headphone set for its good bass and sound quality, which is better than competitors. The product is complete with a black plastic exterior.

Besides, the brand has covered the ear cups with soft cushions and made the headband adjustable so users can feel the most comfortable wearing them for a long time. The headphones also offer features like remote control using buttons, a microphone, a 3.5 mm jack, and microSD card support.

Price: Rs 888

Leaf Sport


This wireless earphone set is beautiful and has good quality while coming with an affordable price tag. It offers not only great audio but also decent bass quality. On the exterior, the Bluetooth headphone is covered in Nano-tech coating that’s resistant to sweat.

Also, the product offers battery life can play audio at full volume for 4 hours, 50 minutes, and it takes about 1 hour, 45 minutes to fully recharge the earphones.

The three candidates above are among the best options for a pair of wireless earphone for under Rs 1,000. It’s almost impossible to find Bluetooth headphone from brands like Samsung, Mi, and Sony for this price tag. So if you want to go with these brands prepare to pay (so much) more, and we will suggest some good candidates for you.

Price: Rs 999

Boat Rockerz 400


This brand has gained a reputation for both good quality and affordable prices for the headphone Bluetooth area. This particular product is the best-selling wireless headphones on Amazon India for the values they bring compared with the price.

The Rockerz 400 has a great design and it’s lightweight. On the outside, the wireless headphone is protected with high-quality polymer while the ear cups are surrounded with cushions. Also, the headband is adjustable to fit many heads.

There’s also a 40mm driver inside that works quite well, producing a powerful bass and well-managed sound. The headphone with mic offers loud, crystal clear sound with extra bass, which headphones in this segment normally can’t do. Besides the microphone, there’s a 3.5mm aux cable.

Price: Rs 1,495

Sony WF-1000X


This Sony headphone set offers a balanced and detailed sound and has decent noise-canceling. Users can control this device with only one button mounted on the right earbud. Also, it can work for as long as 9 hours on one charge, which is great.

Price: Rs 2,799

Samsung Gear IconX


This Samsung earphone set offers a great battery life of 7 hours as well as superior sound. Additionally, the Gear IconX comes with one of the best balances of the frequency range among wireless earbuds. Besides decent bass, the earbuds have 3.4GB of storage, meaning users can listen to music without having to carry their phones along.

Price: Rs 28,999

Xiaomi Mi AirDots


This pair of Mi earphone looks great with an elegant design packed in a compact size while ensuring the best audio quality. Its Bluetooth connectivity gives users a decent audio signal covering a broader range. And it comes with built-in touch control as well, with high accuracy and fast response.

Price: Rs 1,899

Above are the best earphone under 1000 as well as some other wireless earphones that are more costly and come from other brands. The list also includes earphone price for each of the candidates so that you can get an overview of how much today Bluetooth headphone sets cost and decide to buy the one suitable for you.

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