Best 16GB RAM Laptop In India: These Are Our Picks & Review

Karamchand Rameshwar - Mar 09, 2021

Best 16GB RAM Laptop In India: These Are Our Picks & Review

These are our picks for the best five 16GB RAM laptop you can find in India from famous brands like ASUS, Lenovo, MSI, and more.

In the current market, laptops usually come with 8GB of RAM as it is enough for daily tasks and medium gaming. However, if you are searching for a device for coding, content creating, or working with a huge database, 16GB RAM becomes a necessity. Apps like Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop, or even PowerPoint and Excel can consume most of the RAM, if not everything. But which laptop 16GB ram is the best and how much is 16GB ram for laptop? We will answer all your questions in this article of the best 16GB RAM laptop you can find in the market.


This is one of the cheapest laptops you can find with 16GB of RAM. Being a gaming laptop, the ASUS TUF A15 is pretty big, so you might consider its weight before making the purchase. It is equipped with Ryzen 5 4600H chipset and GTX 1650 GPU for the base option, but you can get the top-end model with Ryzen 9 4900H chipset and RTX 2060 GPU.

Asus Tuf A15 16gb Ram Laptop
ASUS TUF A15 - one of the best 16GB RAM laptop

Its display doesn’t have the top quality as it only has 45 percent of NTSC coverage, which is not that good for a gaming laptop that still bearable. In addition, its thermals are only decent and might need tweaking. On the bright side, its battery life is great and it comes with a good trackpad and keyboard for the price.

The ASUS TUF A15 price in India starts at Rs. 78,990 and for that price, it is unlikely that you can find a better 16GB laptop. 

2. MSI Creator 15M

The MSI Creator 15M is also a gaming laptop, with a reasonable weight of 1.86kgs. It is pretty much a rebranded MSI GF65, but is available in a Grey color option, not Black and Red like the GF65. Moreover, the device features a better 144Hz display along with some additional features. 

Msi Creator 15m 16gb Ram Laptop
MSI Creator 15M

Under the hood, it is powered by the Intel Core i7 10th gen and 16GB of RAM in a dual-channel configuration. For graphics, it boasts a GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q, but you have other more powerful options as well. 

Thermals are decent if you don’t stress it too much. The trackpad and keyboard are average at best and nothing much to say about the speakers as well. The 144Hz display is great for gaming and it also covers nearly 100 percent of sRGB gamut. Its battery life is not the best as it usually lasts around 5 hours under light usage. 

3. Lenovo Legion 5Pi

This is one of the best 16GB ram laptop, but it is relatively thick and heavy with a weight of 2.3kgs. Therefore, you might need to consider it before purchasing this laptop. In return, the laptop has a solid build quality. Lenovo has done all the right things on this gaming laptop. It packs a 144Hz display with 100% sRGB, making it a must-have for content creators or gamers.

Lenovo Legion 5pi 16gb Ram Laptop
Lenovo Legion 5Pi

The performance is also excellent thanks to the powerful Intel Core i7 10th gen and the RTX 2060 GPU. Along with great thermals, you will not be able to find any better option in the price range for gaming. Another huge bonus is the 1TB of SSD storage, which further boosts its overall performance.

Lenovo is known for offering good laptop keyboards and that is also the case in the Lenovo Legion 5Pi. It also looks stunning with the 4 zones of RGB. The trackpad also serves well for any purpose. You will also get high-quality stereos in comparison to other gaming laptops in the segment. Sadly, it doesn’t have a webcam, but personally, I like it because I don’t really need the webcam at all. The battery life of this laptop is around 6 hours.

4. Lenovo Legion 5i

The Legion 5i is another gaming laptop from Lenovo. It is pretty similar to the Legion 5pi, except for some differences. They have nearly the same look as each other, but only the Legion 5pi has the legion branding.

Instead of a 144Hz refresh rate, the display of the Legion 5i only has a 120Hz refresh rate, which is still fine for gaming. However, if you are content creators, you might need to consider a different laptop because the colour accuracy of this one is pretty bad. The speakers and inputs are the same, but the keyboard doesn’t have RGB like the one on the 5pi. 

The performance of the Legion 5i is also not as high as the 5pi. It is only equipped with a GTX 1650ti, which is far behind the setup on the 5pi. It still has 16GB of RAM though. In return, you will have a webcam, while the more premium 5pi doesn’t have. The battery is also smaller, offering around 3 to 4 hours of battery life. 

5. ASUS ROG Strix G17 - Best 16GB RAM Laptop

ASUS ROG Strix G17 is definitely the best 16GB RAM laptop you can find for hardcore gamers. Its body is made of plastic but is still heavy because of its 17-inch size. With a weight of 3kgs, it might be hard for you to carry the laptop around. 

Asus Rog Strix G17 16gb Ram Laptop
ASUS ROG Strix G17

If you are an RBG fan, this is the one for you. This laptop has RBG everywhere, from the frame to the keyboard. Despite having a large size of 17 inches, the display quality is still great with the 144Hz refresh rate and 72 percent NTSC coverage. 

Having a relatively deep travel distance, I was pretty happy with the overall experience with the keyboard. The trackpad of this laptop is quite bad, but I doubt that you will need it that much. The speakers are pretty loud, so you wouldn’t need an extra pair of headphones. 

The device is powered by an Intel Core i7 10 gen and GTX 1660ti GPU, which is only around 10 percent less powerful than the RTX 2060. Just like other laptops on the list, it also has 16GB of RAM in a dual-channel configuration. A huge plus is the 1TB SSD as having an SSD on your system will certainly boost the overall performance by a significant margin. Sadly, the laptop only lasts around 3 hours unplugged and no webcam. 

This is the end of our list. We will come back with another question "how to put 16GB ram in a laptop", for those who doesn't have a laptop pre-installed with 16GB of RAM.


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