As A Tech Fan, You Should Invest In At Least A Few Tech Gadgets In 2018 Holiday Season

Author - Nov 12, 2018

As A Tech Fan, You Should Invest In At Least A Few Tech Gadgets In 2018 Holiday Season

Why don't you invest in some of Tech gadgets yourself to welcome the coming holiday season? Refer to the 10-tech-gadget list to look for the one suitable for yourself.

The 2018 holiday season is coming nearly, and you don’t know what tech gadgets you should buy for yourself or give to your dears. Hopefully, the following list will give you some helpful suggestion.

We can easily see some latest and much-interested products in this list. Three among the 10 tech gadgets come from the Apple – the brand has been extremely familiar with the tech community. They are iPhone XR, Apple AirPods, and Apple Watch Series 4. Additionally, you can also find a few of the other interesting ones like Echo Spot or Samsung Q7FN QLED TV.

  1. iPhone XR

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Along with iPhone XS and iPhone Xs Max, the iPhone XR is a handset that Apple has newly launched in 2018. Featuring a 6.1-inch LCD screen, the iPhone XR has up to 6 color variants including white, red, yellow, black, blue, and coral).

The iPhone XR is now priced at $749.

  1. Apple Watch Series 4

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The Apple Watch Series 4 is made of gold stainless steel and has become the most expensive Apple watch until now. The watch sports an elegant design with a big screen, a thin body and a gold Milanese Loop. The latest health features are also a plus of the Apple device.

The Apple Watch Series 4 now goes on sale for $399.

  1. Katana Safety Arc

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This personal alarm system is used to adhere to smartphones. Katana Safety Arc sports two alarms including one audible siren and one silent alert button that will send the alarm information to your registered contacts or to the police.

The Katana Safety Arc goes on sale for $100.

  1. Ricoh Theta SC 360 camera

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If you love taking shots in 360 degrees, this device is certainly for you. Running on two platforms: Android and iOS, the Ricoh Theta SC 360 camera is sold for $179.95.

  1. Lumos smart bike helmet

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The smart helmet is designed to help users watch everything on the road more easily. A series of LED lights make a strong impression on those who have a passion for biking. On the flashing mode, it can run continuously in 6 hours and on the solid mode, its operating time is about 3 hours.

The Lumos smart bike helmet is available for $179.

  1. RapidX X5 car charger

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Available for $25, the car charger from RapidX makes its name for the capacity to charge 5 devices at a time via the USB port.

  1. Apple AirPods

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The tech gadgets made by Apple are always the first choice of many users. As a proof, the Apple AirPods were on sale two years ago, but until now, it has gained much attention. The Apple AirPods is priced at $159.

  1. Samsung Q7FN QLED TV

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QLED is first launched by Samsung in 2018. According to the manufacturer, the TV combines every outstanding advantage of OLED and LCD, that promises to bring the most attractive experiences to users.

The tech gadget is sold for $1,300.

  1. Echo Spot

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Featuring a 2.5-inch display, the Echo Spot is a device that enables users to play videos or music as well as make video calls.

The Echo Spot is on sale for $100.

  1. Courant wireless charging accessory tray

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Available for $175, the product has three color variants including ash, black and white. The plugless charging pad is also used to place jewelry, headphones or something like that.


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