A Quick Glance At Amazing Cars Being Shown In CES 2019

Shakti - Dec 20, 2018

A Quick Glance At Amazing Cars Being Shown In CES 2019

CES 2019 is one of the most expected tech exhibition all over the world. The article below will unveil some “wow” products to be introduced in this event.

Let’s have a closer look to products by giant automakers to be introduced in CES January 2019.

Owned and hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES (Consumer Electronics Show ) has become a gathering event for all enterprises having great passion on the business of consumer technologies in the past 50 years. CES brings a platform for innovators proving their up-to-date and amazing technologies. As a global stage where next-generation innovations are released to a promising market, this event attracts more and number of business leaders all over the world every year.

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Check it out what is expected to see in CES this year

The CES 2019 show is hot and hotter when the opening date is soon to come. There is no difference from last year, the show is going to happen between Jan 8th and Jan 11th in Las Vegas (Nevada). CES has never been simply an annual technology show. So far, it is the biggest and most significant technology exhibition that all car fans around the world are extremely looking for. Not only have new technologies applied artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as self-driving cars innovation contributed more amazing experience of the driving (or mobility) for customers, CES is also witnessed to develop into a hot gathering of numerous most strategic debuts of the automobile industry in the past 10 years.

CES 2019 show promises to be the first show-up of a great number of undisclosed hits from many global automakers such as Audi, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and etc, along with car suppliers (like Bosch), those brands that specialize in manufacturing the sophisticated componentry making cars better self-aware. In this roundup, we're just seeing what the OEMs are introducing. However, there's plenty of amazing technology by big automakers to expect in this CES. In case you have no choice but skipping the largest tech show in Las Vegas this year, don’t be too upset. We'll be with you to recap all the breakthrough news in-car technology and explain everything you can expect to see, from all the giants in this industry.


It is widely known that the German automaker will not show up a vehicle at CES 2019. However, putting all clues we have been given together so far, as well as knowledge by following the automaker's Disney collaboration,  this year would be a memorable tech event for Audi.


Audi Exhibition in CES 2016

This firm is about to introduce 2 technologies. The first one is named as "on-the-road entertainment format," which seems to be designed in order to help customers relaxed or kill the time while the car does the self-driving. The second is depicted as “Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment”. This technology is more suitable for the situation that the vehicle is stationary, essentially turn it into a theater to play movies on wheels. “Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment”  has a tendency to better apt for the partnership called "Audi Meets Disney" we covered in depth at the beginning of this year.


Honda has announced to bring its collection of robotics technologies to CES 2019 show. Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle is to lead the charge, which actually debuted last year at CES 2018 in term of the unforgettable "3E-D18" moniker. They have carried out field-tested for the automated ATV already with firefighters as well as solar companies, and Honda is expected to show a demonstration of what the rugged bot can do on the CES show floor.


Honda’s Showcase of 04 New Mobility and Companionship Robot Concepts at CES 2018

Besides other innovations, PATH (Predicting Action of the Human) robot will be displayed in the show, that can navigate through a group of people without disturbing them.


If you are a car fan, there is no chance that you have never heard of the new CLA-Class, which is complimented as the biggest thing hitting the Mercedes-Benz stand. The highlight as one of the smallest vehicles by Mercedes makes the CLA to be awaited than ever. This automobile was based on the A-Class sedan, which already sports a swoopy roofline, it will feature the coupe-inspired theme a little further, which can be understood that the CLA will have a bit less rear headroom, but a greater helping of style.


Mercedes CLA 2020 spying photo before the debut at CES 2019

After its tech show debut, the new CLA will not disappoint car fans when this big hit comes to managing the zeros and ones. The stylish 4-door will show off MBUX aka the newest infotainment interface of 3-pointed-star that may be operated with natural language commands a la Siri.

Mercedes-Benz EQC will be debuted in the US through CES 2019 as well, which you may know as an all-electric SUV built to compete with the Audi E-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace. As soon as it was finally tested in the real field, the EQC has proved a worthy contender with the estimated speed at 240- to 270-mile range, with the assumption that drivers don't dig too deep into the 402 horsepower as well as 564 pound-feet of torque onboard.

Vision Urbanetic Concept by Mercedes will be also shown off for the first time in the USA. The self-driving van seems to be an accurate demo of the way personal mobility could look in a few short years.


As reported by German publication aka Electrive via Autoblog, there's a chance that the Nissan Leaf E-Plus will come to spotlight at CES 2019. It is predicted that the extended-range Leaf will have a 60-kWh battery, which enables drivers to reach for perhaps 225 miles of range. Besides, its price may be the same as the base Chevrolet Bolt ($37,495 including $875 for the destination, for your information).


Nissan Leaf E-Plus is believed to show off at CES 2019

As reported last month, Nissan Leaf E-Plus was supposed to be released around the time of the LA Auto Show, however its producer, Nissan chose to postpone the debut for a while in waiting for the dust settling over the arrest of Carlos Ghosn, the company's former chairman. When the show CES looms on the horizon, people no longer talk about Ghosn's arrest, it seems to be the right time for Leaf E-Plus to have a debut at the biggest tech show of the year.


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