5 Cute Robots You Could Get For Your Birthday

Harin - Feb 06, 2019

5 Cute Robots You Could Get For Your Birthday

The year 2018 sees a significant progression in machine learning and AI. So getting some robots as your upcoming birthday presents is a pretty cool idea.

The year 2018 sees a significant progression in machine learning as well as artificial intelligence. So getting some robots as your upcoming birthday presents is a pretty cool idea.

Comprehensive research in the field of AI and ML have helped the robotics worlds flourish, which allows the making of manufacturing as well as commercial robotics products.

Something that used to be impractical has now turned to a reality. Whether you want to buy a gift for yourself or your relative, a robot might be a great idea.


Combine everything you adore about your pet with an intelligent robot assistant, you will have Buddy, a smart robot which can display a range of emotions. Buddy was invented by a company called Blue Frog Robotics. It is designed to be your family’s perfect personal assistant and playmate.

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Similar to most of the robots listed below, Buddy is designed to fit the rapid development of smart homes where people can remotely control everything from heating, lighting to electronic devices via their computers or smartphones. Households in the future will be automated entirely and controlled from a single hub and device.

Buddy is capable of doing a lot of things, from providing home security services, to being your personal planner, moving jukebox, encyclopedia. It can even offer children fun games.

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The robot has a height of 60cm. It also includes a supposed “face” displaying a range of incredibly adorable emotions.

According to the team from Blue Frog Robotics:



If you want to get a dog for your birthday? Aibo may be your answer. The robot was first introduced in 1999. And in the last two decades, it has undergone numerous upgrades. Aibos which was just a simple toy at first has developed into a robot with a dog-like personality.

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The robot which behaves like a puppy was invented by Sony. The company equips it with different features which might turn it into your best friend. Its ability to show instinctive emotion transform Aibo to a little ball of energy learning constantly from the surrounding environment and people.

By taking in your body motions and vocal orders, the puppy robot can form a connection with you. What’s more impressive about the robot is its capability to remember the owner’s face, like a real puppy.

According to Masatatsu Abe, the owner of Aibo:



The interactive robot can move around your house and join in your family’s important moments. Kuri is equipped with sensitive microphones and capacitive touch sensors, which allow you to touch the robot as well as interact with it.

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With its mapping sensors, the robot can move across your floor while learning and memorize the location of everything in your house. It can also avoid obstacles and cliffs in his path. Powerful processors allow Kuri to be capable of detecting speech and faces, entertaining and mapping.

The Kuri team described the robot as:



The team at Aeolus robotics aims to invent a robot that could take care of humans and assist them in even the most mundane tasks of life. This adorable smart robot is capable of doing a lot of things, from food delivery to finding lost items across the house.

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The robot constantly learns every day to find out more about your patterns and behavior. Aeolus will keep your house safe, help with your cleaning, furniture moving and floors mopping.


Pepper was created by Softbank Robotics. In the list, the robot looks the most human-like. It is one of the first robots in the worlds to identify human faces and their basic emotions. Pepper is 120cm tall. It can communicate with humans in ten different languages: French, German, Arabic, Spanish, English, Italian and so on.

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The robot has already been put in businesses and classrooms across the globe. However, if you want to have a friendly assistant in your house, Pepper is still available for purchase.


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