26 Weirdest Tech Gadgets At CES 2019

Dhir Acharya - Jan 12, 2019

26 Weirdest Tech Gadgets At CES 2019

These are the weirdest devices that appeared at CES 2019. If Samsung and Apple gave you some Wows, these will make you say "Huh?"

At this year global largest consumer electric show, CES 2019, we have seen so many tech products that make us say “Wow”, how about a few things to make us say “Huh?”

Hupnos – the sleep mask

This sleeping mask vibrates as you sleep, encouraging you to move to another position. Can’t imagine when to use this tool? Maybe it’s come handy when your spouse snores in their sleep and you don’t want to poke at them by yourself.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Hupnos sleep mask

Monit – the smart diaper sensor

Instead of smelling directly, you can attach this device to the baby’s diaper and it will tell you when the baby pees or poops.

Scenario Sensor 1 1

Kitoki – the breath device

With a promise to help you relax, this Japanese wooden deep breath device is priced at $100. But don’t expect to breathe any special gas out of it, just normal air.

Kitoki Wooden Deep Breath Device

Orii – the smart ring

This ring, which can be worn on your index finger, uses bone-conduction to send sound to your inner ear which you can hear when pressing the ring-on finger on the cochlea. It’s not like something to use for listening to music but you can use this device to answer calls without taking the phone out.

Origami Labs Orii Smart Ring 1 1200x520

Umay – the meditative heat therapy device

The $179 tool is said to make your eyes feel happier, giving you a clear and more restful mind. It also helps refresh dry eyes caused by writing or using computers too much.


Elevate – the walking car from Hyundai

Hyundai said this conceptual walking car can travel at high speeds, climb up to 1.5-meter wall as well as walk with 1.5-meter footsteps.

Hyundai Elevate Press Conference 8

Cosmo – the phone with an actual keyboard

Planet Computers – the UK-based company – introduced this Cosmo smartphone as a premium version of its CES 2018 Gemini.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cosmo phone

Verde – the treadmill

In short, this workout device generates energy to power your home as you run on it.


Petcube Bites 2 – the alternative treat giver

When you’re not home, this smart dispenser will give treats to your pets. The device also features a 180-degree camera and two-way audio, along with support for Alexa voice assistant.

Bites2 Play2

Sony GTK-PG10 – the party speaker

This device’s top is water resistant, attached with cup holders for you to dance to party music while having your beer nearby.

Dsc02204 2

Sphero Specdrums – the musical motion-controlled Bluetooth ring

This device allows you to play musical notes on whatever you want, based on which color you touch. FYI, fart noise is not an exception for this weirdness.

Ap Resize

Y-Brush – the vibrating toothbrush

This one that is shaped like the protector for football players takes only seconds to clean your entire mouth.

158155cf669d80baac689269a1965841 Original

JollyLook – the classic cardboard camera

Priced at $55, this collapsible vintage camera is able to capture photos with credit card size, using instant film by Fuji Instax Mini.

Jellylook Vintage Cardboard Camera

GoSun – the solar cooker

This kitchen tool can generate up to 287 degree Celsius using sunlight.

Gosun Sport Solar Stove 17997

Urgonight – the brain trainer

This device is monitored with a mobile app, which trains your brain to develop brain wave patterns for creating healthier sleep. But how can you sleep with that thing over your head?

Urgonight Headset

Bread Bot – the bread vendor

This one is basically a vending machine that sells you bread, but it can mix and make bread by itself.

Breadbot In Grocery Store

VoloGo – the wireless hairdryer

Using radiant heat technology, this device will dry your hair “from the inside out” (no, we don’t know what that means). Besides the confusing, unexplained benefits, the hairdryer’s battery which can last only 14 minutes is already a deal breaker.

Volo Go Cordless Hair Dryer 1

DFree – the ultrasound sensor

What does DFree mean, you ask? “Diaper free.” Yep, that’s exactly it. It is designed to sense how your bladder’s size changes and tells you when to pee, probably useful for those who suffer from incontinence.

Dfree Incontinence 1

LavvieBot – the self-cleaning litter box

The title already tells you what the device does. LavvieBot can also send you texts when you cat drops some poop. Are you interested?

Lavviebott Automatic Litter Box Ces 2019

Ulo – the owl that monitors your home

This camera is an interactive surveillance device for your home which communicates with its eyes. Despite being around for a while, its weirdness has never gotten old.

Ulo Interactive Home Monitoring Owl Descimage

Pibo – the robot that can’t stand loneliness

You will see this robot look around and round a lot, it also likes hanging out with people and hates being on its own.

Home Mini1

Pepe – the pet dryer

The only thing that Pepe does is taking 25 minutes to dry your wet pet, a dog or cat for example.

6077035787326009 600x600

Babeyes camera – the baby’s eyes

It feels weird enough just to report this device’s usage. Babeyes records videos like how a baby would view things.


Helite B’Safe – the safeguard for bikers

Well, it’s a vest-shaped airbag. That’s all about it.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Helite B'Safe

Fravel – the alive suitcase

It has moving ears and a beating heart.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Fravel suitcase

Laika – the friend to your dog

This camera-attached robot toy will accompany your dog.


Photo Mj Laika Cf7ef5e6 2774 489a A85b 84d20c99e8f


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