What Apple And Google Should Do To Improve iOS And Android

Dhir Acharya - Jan 04, 2020

What Apple And Google Should Do To Improve iOS And Android

iOS 13 and Android 10 are so far the best versions of iOS and Android operating systems. However, we think Apple and Google can still do better.

Last year, Apple rolled out iOS 13 while Google released Android 10, which are both polished, mature operating systems with almost every feature any user could ask for. However, we always want better and we count on big tech firms this year.

And these are the changes that Apple and Google can make in 2020 to further improve their respective operating systems.

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1. iOS can change the defaults

Users have been fine with being pushed to use the iPhone the way Apple wants them to. however, the tech giant could give users the ability to change default apps for photos, web links, emails, and more. It just makes no sense that we’re forced to use Apple apps while there’re too many other choices available.

2. Both iOS and Android can offer better widgets

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While the iPhone maker has tentatively put widgets in the Notification Center, Google seems to give up. However, they can give users more intuitive shortcuts for tasks they use often, more info at a glance, better designs, etc.

3. Both operating systems can offer smarter notifications

Apple and Google have significantly improved notifications in their respective systems, but they can still do better. For example, users should have more control over when the phone rings or buzzes, especially in Do Not Disturb mode and in apps. They can take advantage of AI power to learn what users care about and what they don’t.

4. Both can offer more customization options

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When it comes to customization, Android has always done a better job with launcher apps that allow users to change their phone’s appearance. However, it would be much better if the theming options in Android 10 end up being a fully-fledged feature. On the other hand, iOS should let users go beyond the standard columns and rows of apps.

5. Android should offer built-in screen recording

Enable Built Screen Recorder Android 10 W1456
Google teased a built-in screen recorder but then pulled the feature

This is among the feature appearing briefly in Android 10 beta, which Apple has already offered. However, Google pulled this feature before officially launching the OS. There are a bunch of third-party apps for this task but we hope that it will return in the next Android version as a built-in feature.

6. Both iOS and Android can help phones integrate better with other devices

We all want our phones to work better with other devices, no matter if it’s wireless syncing between mobile devices and laptops to get notifications cross-device or using the phone to control media playback on other devices.

Yes, there also many third-party apps for this task, but a built-in feature is always favored, especially by iOS users.

7. iOS should offer always-on display option

Android 10 offers an always-on display and it's convenient

The iPhone maker may think that battery life is much more important but an always-on display has been proved useful on Android OS. It allows users to check the time, notifications without having to pick up or even touching the phone, which may be annoying sometimes.

8. Android and iOS should have a smarter home screen

Currently, both the systems suggest apps users may want to open based on their usage history, but that doesn’t work very well so far. So we suggest Google and Apple worker harder on this. For example, after a week, our phone should able to tell if we want to turn off the smart lights in our home or put on music every night when we go to bed.

9. Android should have iMessage

Ios13 Iphone Xs Imessage Apps Hero Compressed
iMessage is one factor that keeps iPhone users stick to the iPhone

iMessage is one of the major reasons for iPhone users to stick with iPhones, but Google hasn’t succeeded in doing the same thing. The latest attempt from the company is RCS, which is an upgrade rather than a new messaging app. Nevertheless, RCS has its own issues, like no end-to-end encryption. Apple supports RCS and Android should have iMessage too.


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