West Bengal Goes Green With Its Public Vehicle Fleet Of 80 Electric Buses

Indira Datta - Apr 30, 2019

West Bengal Goes Green With Its Public Vehicle Fleet Of 80 Electric Buses

West Bengal is the next city after Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra to put 80 electric buses into operation to reduce emission and protect the environment.

Environmental issues are becoming more and more serious; people everywhere understand these changes and are aware of their responsibilities to help the environment become better. Many places in India have adopted public facilities emitting no emissions to the environment like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Now, West Bengal also follows the environmental protection movement when it puts 80 electric buses into operation.

Tata Motors is responsible for providing these e-buses for West Bengal Transport Corporation

Tata Motors is the provider of these 80 electric buses for the West Bengal Transport Corporation. This includes 40 9m Ultra Electric AC E-buses and 40 12m ones. Currently, there are 20 9-meter electric buses delivered, and the remaining 9-meter buses are expected to be handed over on March 31.

9-meter Ultra Electric AC e-buses in West Bengal

The Ultra Electric buses are equipped with Integrated Electric Motor Generator and manufactured on the same platforms of Ultra and Starbus. The interior of this bus is very modern. It offers up to 31 seats and also has air conditioning to help passengers avoid heat and encourage more citizens to use public transport.

The electric motor is powered by a Li-Ion battery, allowing the vehicle to run up to 150km per charge. Li-ion batteries are designed to be located on the roof of the bus, which can help it avoid flooding during rainy seasons. In addition, the liquid-cooled battery makes it possible to maintain a constant temperature, resulting in higher performance and longer life.

Electric buses are manufactured at Tata Motors' factory in Dharwad

The provision of these 80 e-vehicles is one of the plans to provide 255 e-buses in 6 Indian cities. The firm announced the provision of 40 buses for the Lucknow City Transport Service which will be carried out in a phased manner in the next four months. Additionally, Indore, Assam Jammu, and Jaipur are the next cities that will be equipped with electric buses in order to help these cities reduce emissions and protect the environment.


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