US Government Shutdown Cannot Stop NORAD From Tracking Santa Claus

Dhir Acharya - Dec 25, 2018

US Government Shutdown Cannot Stop NORAD From Tracking Santa Claus

Despite partial government shutdown since Saturday, NORAD announced it will still do its annual job to track down Santa Claus.

Have you ever questioned how Santa Claus would feel if his privacy is violated and he is traced for Christmas every year?

This year is not easy for him either despite the partial shutdown of the government since last Saturday.

On Friday, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, which protects the US airspace, announced that it will continue to track the journey of Santa Claus.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho NORAD still tracking Santa despite government shutdown

According to its post on Twitter, the command said every year, there are about 1,500 volunteers supporting the program NORAD Tracks Santa.


Notably, this tradition has been going on for the last 63 years. This originated from a story in which an ad typo caused children to call Santa at a secret hotline of the military; hence, the agency started training its defense satellite to track down Santa. This annual program makes use of all kinds of technology that include radar dishes and “SantaCams.”

If you want to keep track of this program and see how NORAD is tracking down Santa, visit its Santa tracker site, follow the program’s Twitter account - @NoradSanta, or via its mobile app.

However, NORAD is not the only one who tries to track down Santa Claus. In 2012, Google released the Santa tracker website of its own. On this website, there are a lot of games as well as activities that you can use through the Chrome extension, its app, or a Google Home device. The Alexa Assistant of Amazon also packs a specific skill for tracking Santa Claus that you can use via its devices.


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