SpotMini - An Amazing Robot-Dog Can Dance And Shake Its Butt

Author - Oct 19, 2018

SpotMini - An Amazing Robot-Dog Can Dance And Shake Its Butt

SpotMini is a robot dog, developed by Boston Dynamics to become human's friend. It can follow the music and dance, even shake its butt.

In the recent time, my belief that the artificial intelligence will replace completely the human species is definitely about to come true thanks to the Boston Dynamics’ outstanding product – the agile robot dog with crazy ability to dance.

A robot dog named Spot can dance in music

The beautiful time of our planet continues to be guaranteed by Boston Dynamics, an American well-known robot design company which had successful released its amazing Atlas with the appearance shaped identically like human before.

The flexible dancing moves of its SpotMini were shown off in a video created in the background of the song with the highest-ever ratings named “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson last Tuesday.


Shaking the butt - Easy to do by a Robot Dog - Spot

This video stirred up the Youtube for recent days, and even Bruno Mars is surprised toward the Spot’s abilities to shake its butt, control its body down and up pretty agilely. It’s fantastic for the SpotMini to control its motor system so proficiently that it is not just a butt-shaking but a perfect dancing performance like a professional human.

It’s just a couple of days since the previous video of Atlas - a robot resembling the human shape -was posted on Youtube. Unlike the Atlas which was released to help replace the human forces, the SpotMini appears timely to entertain you, become a disco partner of you whenever and wherever you wish.


SpotMini with the ability to go up-down the stairs

For more detail, SpotMini is a small robot dog with four legs. It is an upgraded version of the predecessor which is designed with the capacities to obtain and throw objects, push and pull the doors and even travel the stairs. The updated one can be under 90-minute operation per a charging time.


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