To Avoid Cheating, Whatsapp Is Altering The 'Delete For Everyone' Feature

Author - Oct 17, 2018

To Avoid Cheating, Whatsapp Is Altering The 'Delete For Everyone' Feature

‘Delete for Everyone’ is a feature that allows users to erase their blunders in texting conversation totally launched by WhatsApp last year.

Last year, WhatsApp revealed 'Delete for Everyone' feature which helps you delete any messages from your conversation.

The latest update of this feature is now fixed to make it harder for anyone to cheat.

FB_whatsapp delete for everyone feature

The amendment was examined thoroughly by WABeta before issuing several days ago. Last year, the original version was debuted last year could last for 7 minutes at first. And you can only remove your messages during this time. Later, the time was lengthened to more than 1 hour.

But users taking advantage of the update feature to cheat the others and that was the problem. They misled the app believe that their phone was out of the state with the aim of back-end removing the order. During 1 hour if your phone does not work, you will not get the message in question and the request which remain on your phone is removed from that of everyone else.

Moreover, some users made use of it to remove more-than-3-year-old messages!

whatsapp delete for everyone

The time of the new update window lengthened to more than 13 hours. Also, a new check named ‘block revoke request’ is launched. If the recipient does not get a revoke message before 14 hours then the sent message will not be deleted with the new addition of time limit. At least, people who sent the messages would know what went wrong rather than someone in their group chat keeping tore-up messages.

Overall, the is the feature able to back-end therefore after the original sender taps the ‘Delte for Everyone’ button then no one can control it.                 


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