This New AI-Based Solutions For Mining Can Help Prevent Accidents

CTVAnhL - May 16, 2019, 4:01 pm IST

This new AI-based solution can change India’s mining industry for good

Equipment that can be operated from afar, like autonomous dump trucks and other AI-related technology could help nations like India fend off dangerous open-pit mine accidents, ZYFRA – Finnish-Russian digital solution provider.

VIST – ZYFRA’s subsidiary – which is currently working in robot technology for mining, reported that ZYFRA claimed that the application of AI to open-cast mining helps increase the utilization of haul trucks, excavators and drilling rigs by 35 percent per year.

Autonomous vehicles can help countries like India prevent fatal accidents

It was stated last month by ZYFRA that they had earned a considerable amount of money from India, which was $26 million from deals. In addition, they said that they would offer their expertise and technology to the state-own MCF (Modern Coach Factory) to help enforce a contract worth 150-crore to construct a system of international-standard carriages that can be used for metro trains.

Igor Bogachev – CEO of ZYFRA – cited that the advancement of AI solutions for mining is currently less than 50 percent worldwide on average. Moreover, developing countries, in which the industry develops the most, have the rate of only 25 percent. He further stated that the task lies at hand for India right now is to digitize all the value chain of mining by using AI-solution, which can be used for blasting, crushing, enriching the minerals, and creating intelligent mine with autonomous vehicles.

According to the chief executive, the AI solution for mining will allow the unification of multiple unmanned-vehicles: excavators, dump trucks, and bulldozers for examples, into only one control system for transport and mining tasks that ensures that no human is in a dangerous situation.

Lastly, he cited that ZYFRA is currently in need of reliable partners in India to promote the Intelligent Mine complex that helps increase the utilization of excavators and trucks by 20-25 percent, and that of drilling rigs by 35 percent, also reduce the maintenance cost by 10-15 percent per year.

It is estimated that ZYFRA gained $3 million in multiple contracts in 2018 with their Indian counterparts, which further assist the progress of industrial manufacturers with IIoT solutions (Industrial Internet of Things), AI and also autonomous vehicles.