The Top 11 YouTube Channels For Those In Love With Biology

Jyotis - Feb 17, 2019

The Top 11 YouTube Channels For Those In Love With Biology

Here are the top 11 YouTube channels for those in love with biology.

If you fall in love with biology or want to build your career with this subject, you shouldn’t miss the top 11 YouTube channels as below. They hail from great lectures of science leaders and hosts who are enthusiastic about it.

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You must find whatever you need on biology in the list of 11 YouTube channels. Here are they:

  1. Bozeman Science (818k subscribers)


As both a YouTuber and an educational consultant, Paul Anderson has created and run Bozeman Science based on his passion for science. Through short lectures, he designs all the concepts in biology and science in the simplest way to ensure his subscribers are easy to get them.

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare (1.8 million subscribers)


Owned by MIT, the YouTube channel offers countless lectures in various subjects like biology. Up to now, MIT OpenCourseWare has had 1.8 million subscribers. This is a respectable number.

  1. Shomu’s Biology (567k subscribers)


This will be an indispensable site for those who are looking for biological lectures, such as Biotechnology and Marine Biology. A series of videos in this channel may be to the liking of undergraduate and high school students. Of course, other watchers also love them because Suman Bhattacharjee, the channel’s host, always know how to inspire any of his watchers to biology.

 4. iBiology (55k subscribers)


Among the most outstanding YouTube channels, iBiology has its own way to mark the signs in the biological communities. Starting from 2009, the channel has collected and uploaded about 15-20 lectures from the world-class scientists per year.

They aim to build an e-library containing some prominent science lectures, and more importantly, you can watch all of these hi-quality contents 100% free.

  1. Khan Academy (4.6 million subscribers)


Khan Academy focuses on providing the top educational videos to YouTube users. What makes the differences of this channel is that its videos are translated into many languages, and therefore, subscribers from anywhere in the world can enjoy and get more knowledge from them.

  1. Amoeba Sisters (349k subscribers)


Instead of serious science YouTube channels, why don’t you try some both educational and fun like Amoeba Sisters? The channel is produced to bring another way to approach the scientific knowledge for those who are bored with all serious things.

With Amoeba Sisters, you can find a lot of biological subjects, such as life’s characteristics, Mitosis or how to create infotainment by yourself.

Covering a lot of subjects, from finance to biology, Khan Academy completely deserves a position in this list.

  1. Crash Course (8.9 million subscribers)


Crash Course is hosted by John Green and Hank, his brother, who are among the most renowned YouTubers at present. Their video blogs focus on various subjects such as biology, history, mythology, chemistry, computer science, and ecology.

In addition, they also create playlists according to each theme or subject; and therefore, subscribers have no difficulties to find out what they prefer seeing on this channel.

  1. Susannaheinze (35k subscribers)

Each video made by Susannaheinze on YouTube owns great visuals that are used to explain a particular subject. Some must fall in love with her hand-drawn diagrams.

The host always knows how to turn complicated science topics into something easy-to-understand and funny. According to her saying, “I earned my Master's Degree in Physiology from the University of Chapel Hill, NC in 2000, and my undergraduate degree in Biology from George Fox University in Newberg, OR."

  1. Moof University (41k subscribers)


It will be a big failure if this list of top biology YouTube Channels lacks Moof University. Establish in 2013, the channel has continuously expanded its scale for many years.

The channel host claims himself to be a biochemistry enthusiast pursuing correctism. Despite not being an expert, he offers many helpful videos and is highly appreciated by his nice style.

  1. Iken Edu (425k subscribers)


As one of the most prominent YouTubers in the biology theme, Iken Edu often brings a lot of impressive graphics to his subscribers.

His channel is a combination of science content, DIY tutorials, and nursery rhymes.

  1. Osmosis (920k subscribers)


For those who are looking for YouTube channels providing knowledge of health sciences, Osmosis will be the first choice. All concepts concerning medicine are presented in a simple and easy-to-comprehend way. Besides, you can access its website to get more extensive content.


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