The Man Suffered Both A Permanent Hearing Loss And A Financial Loss When Flying On The Jet Airways Flight

Jyotis - Nov 23, 2018

The Man Suffered Both A Permanent Hearing Loss And A Financial Loss When Flying On The Jet Airways Flight

The victim of Jet Airways this time has suffered both a permanent hearing loss and a financial loss at Rs 5-6 lakh.

This is not the first time Jet Airways have been criticized relating to the regulation of their cabin pressure. On September 2018, such incident happened to this Indian international airline once again.

This time, its victims included more than 30 passengers who took part in the Mumbai - Jaipur flight. Here are some videos and images of the Mumbai-Jaipur flight of Jet Airways shared on Twitter that was sent to Mumbai airport on the same day.

Flight Crew Forgets To Regulate Cabin Pressure OveThe passengers on the flight were wearing oxygen masks when they came out.

Citing from many sources, some of those complained of bleeding nose and ear pain. Who bears the heaviest damage in this flight may be Mukesh Sharma, a Ph.D. researcher from University of Aveiro, Portugal. Sharma got the unexpected injury when cabin air pressure suddenly fell: He lost hearing permanently.

Back to September 20th, similar to many other passengers, Mukesh Sharma also got his ears bleeding. However, the bad luck kept following him. After two months, on November 12th, he took a hearing test performed by doctors at a Jaipur Hospital.

According to the audiometry test’s results, he was diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss. Sharma added that he can’t hear a lot of soft sounds unless somebody in front of him is saying to him. No sound is transmitted to his right ears. Instead of both ears, he can only use his left ear to talk via phone now.

The injury Sharma had to undergo belongs to the Barotrauma syndrome which is a kind of the Eustachian tube’s blockage caused by the sudden lapse.

As a professor, it’s obligatory for Sharma to mine his speaking and listening skills every day and hence, what he received when flying on the Mumbai-Jaipur flight of Jet Airways included not only a permanent hearing loss but also the amount of about Rs 5-6 lakh for his ear tube surgery.

Gettyimages 78036040 0The small cabin pressure button brings big consequences!!!


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