Tesla Model 3 Automatically Presses Emergency Brakes To Prevent Accidents

Indira Datta - Feb 16, 2019

Tesla Model 3 Automatically Presses Emergency Brakes To Prevent Accidents

A car that ran very fast to try to cross a red light but bumps into two other cars, the Tesla Model 3 has avoided this accident thanks to its automatic steering and emergency braking.

The debate about road safety between human drivers and self-driving technology has never ended. People that support and believe the safety of self-driving technology now have more reasons and evidence to trust autonomous technology through the recent case of Tesla Model 3.

Tesla's self-driving technology has been successful in this case

The incident started with a speeding car that had crashed into other cars circulating on the road. The video of the crash is recorded by the camera on the car which stopping the red light behind the Tesla Model 3. The video is not recommended for everyone because the accident becomes quite serious and scary. However, one detail that many people noticed in the video was the reflex of the Tesla Model 3.

In the video we can see, a car runs very fast in order to cross a red light from the other side of the road. However, the plan was unsuccessful and resulted in it colliding with many other vehicles a white four-seater car and a white truck next to the Tesla. Different from the white truck, the Tesla car was braked in time to avoid a collision.

More specifically, the ways in which the Tesla Model 3 stops has shown that this may not be the driver's reflex because many people think there is no way the driver can be aware of the car dash to the left side while moving forward as the traffic light turns green. There are many assumptions that the sensors and cameras around the vehicle have identified the over-speeded car and activated the automatic emergency braking capability.

Autopilot technology is one of the factors that brings the success of Tesla today because not only this time but there have been other cases of autonomous technology to help drivers avoid road accidents. Through this incident, we can believe that self-driving technology is a good development direction in the future. When it is truly completed, it will save many on the road. At the same time, we also see the self-driving technology is smarter and more intelligent compared to the person sitting in the car trying to cross the red light in the video.


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