Attention Salmon Lovers! Singapore Now Has The First Salmon Vending Machines In The World

Harin - Feb 19, 2019

Attention Salmon Lovers! Singapore Now Has The First Salmon Vending Machines In The World

A Singaporean company Norwegian Salmon has brought excitement to the citizens by launching 9 salmon ATMs that operate 24/7.

Attention salmon lovers! You can now buy Norwegian salmon straight from an ATM located at different locations in Singapore. These salmon ATMs are owned and operated by a local company.

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Mavis Chua, a 59-year-old primary school teacher, expressed her excitement on being able to get salmon whenever she wants:


Operating cashless 24/7, the machines offer buyers convenience and ease. Currently, there are 9 running machines. All of them have been proved to be qualified by the National Environment Agency.

The machines run at -20 Celsius degree. With $5.90 (Singapore dollar), buyers can have a pack of 200g frozen salmon.

Salmon sold in world's first Norwegian salmon ATM

If remained frozen, the salmon can last for two years.

The first salmon ATM was officially launched last month at the Wisteria Mall.

Several onlookers have said they were eager to try the salmon when passing by the vending machine.

Madam Zuraidah Buang, a part-time cleaner, said:


One of the buyers’ concerns is the ATM’s cashless system as a lot of old people are not used to it.

Another concern was whether the salmon is fresh or not.

Amoz Lim, an IT executive, said:


Manish Kumar, the owner of these salmon ATMs, said that his company had plans to equip the machine with a digital screen displaying salmon recipes and educational information.

As for the freshness of the salmon, Dr. Wayne Forday, a senior advisor at the School of Life Science and Chemical Technology and food safety trainer, claimed that there would be no problem if the salmon remained frozen.


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