Scientist Built A Quantum Computer Which Can Predict Future

Harin - Apr 10, 2019

Scientist Built A Quantum Computer Which Can Predict Future

A team of scientists says they’ve built a quantum computer that generates a superposition of all possible futures the computer could experience.

A group of scientists reports that they have made a quantum computer capable of generating a superposition of all future possibilities the computer could go through.

The research which was published on March 9 gives a description of how this quantum system would be able to assist artificial intelligence in the future in learning much quicker compared to today. This application could also indicate that quantum computers are ultimately turning into practical tools.


Assistant Professor Mile GU from NTU Singapore explained:


According to the research, the quantum computer which was a collaborating product of scientists from Nanyang Technological University and Griffith University can generate two superpositions with 16 different possibilities. When being compared to a classical computer, it also requires less memory, which means it could surpass classical systems at performing certain tasks.

In a press release, scientist Geoff Pryde from Griffith University said:


At the moment, researchers train AI by analyzing different examples and search for patterns. The scientists working on this research claimed their quantum superpositions could tremendously improve AI’s learning process.

Researcher Farzad Ghafari of Griffith University continued:



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