Prosthesis Technology Is Now Promising Than Ever With This Mind-Controlled Hand

Arnav Dhar - Feb 27, 2019

Prosthesis Technology Is Now Promising Than Ever With This Mind-Controlled Hand

As prosthesis technology progresses, Sweden researchers managed to implant an artificial hand to a patient, allowing her to control it with her mind.

It's a breakthrough achievement in the world of prosthesis technology that, for the first time, a Sweden woman has successfully been implanted an artificial hand connecting directly to her nervous system and thus becomes dexterous enough for her to control it freely.

The prosthetic hand is a tremendous advancement from the existing prosthetic technology, which frequently depends on electrical components put outwardly of the patients' skin. It can also signify a future in which mechanical and artificial devices work consistently with our bodies.

Prosthetic Arm
This can signify a bright future of prosthetic technology

This new artificial hand is a product of a collaborated team from Integrum AB, a biotech firm, and the Chalmers University of Technology. The project is a part of the EC-funded DeTOP program.

The researchers managed to attach the hand to the patient's lower arm bones utilizing titanium components. A group of 16 electrodes was connected directly to the woman's nerves and muscles, which allows her to control the prosthetic hand by thinking only. As shown by the project's pictures, the hand is able to type the laptop's keyboard and tie shoelaces.

In a press release, Ortiz Catalan, the lead researcher of the team, said:


The prosthetic innovation is quite impressive as even before the actual physical hand is implanted, the researchers demonstrated in a video that the patient can flex a virtual hand on the screen. It is mind-breaking to know that this is a new way for us to interact with electronic devices.

Patient Flexing Virtual Hand

With the great leaps of prosthetic advancements, it is not hard to ễpct that we can soon witness those cyborg sci-fi movies such as in Justice League put into real life.


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