PlayStation Wrap Up: Everything You Need To Know

Dhir Acharya - Feb 08, 2021

PlayStation Wrap Up: Everything You Need To Know

In this post, we will discuss PlayStation Wrap Up for both PS4 and PS5 users, including how to access the Wrap-Up page and provide other useful information.

If you love gaming as much as we think you do, you will surely enjoy reviewing all the gaming you did in the past year like what titles you played and how many hours you spent on gaming. Especially, if you own a PlayStation gaming console, you will get your own PlayStation Wrap Up where you can view this information and more.

PlayStation Wrap Up
PlayStation Wrap Up: PlayStation 4

What is PlayStation Wrap Up?

Last week, Sony launched the official PlayStation Wrap-Up page that gives PS4 and PS5 games access to a breakdown of their gaming habits in the past year. The report mostly focuses on PlayStation 4 players, showing the following information:

  • The number of games they played in 2020.
  • The number of hours they played.
  • The most-played titles.
  • The number of hours they played online.
  • The average number of hours they played every day of a week.
  • The trophies they earned.

Apart from personal metrics, the Wrap-Up will showcase global stats for popular titles released last year as well, such as Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II. On top of that, players can download a unique PlayStation 4 theme. On its blog, PlayStation said:

“This year, you’ll also see some stats achieved collectively by PlayStation users in 2020, such as enemies collapsed in fear in Ghost Tsushima, total hours played in The Last of Us Part II, and total home runs in MLB: The Show 20.”

PlayStation Wrap Up
PlayStation Wrap Up 2020

Playstation Wrap Up how to get?

To access PlayStation Wrap Up, a player needs to be at least 18 years old, own a registered PSN account, and played for at least 10 hours on a PlayStation 4 in 2020. If you meet these requirements, you should be able to access the Wrap-Up page through a web browser like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Using a web browser, go to the PlayStation Wrap-Up page.

However, for those wondering how to do a PlayStation Wrap up, it’s worth noting that you may not be able to access the page from any web browser, either on a Windows or Android device. There’s likely a problem with the link, if you get a 404 message when attempting to access the page, you should check the link’s suffix. If the link ends with “en-us,” try changing it to “eng-gb.” We hope that the issue will be fixed.

Besides, PS Wrap Up may be available for a limited time only. For instance, Nintendo released a similar annual review but the page is not accessible anymore.

For those asking how to receive 2021 PlayStation Wrap Up, we have entered this year for over 2 months, you should expect a 2021 Wrap-Up in early 2022 instead.

PlayStation Wrap Up
PlayStation Wrap Up 2020

PlayStation 4: Quick Take-away

The PS4 officially went on sale on November 15, 2013, at a price of $399 (Rs 29,056), which was $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.

For early adopters, Sony threw in some nice freebies, which included a free month of Sony Music Unlimited, a free month of PlayStation Plus, along with $10 PlayStation Store credit.

PS3 games couldn’t be played on the PlayStation 4. Other than the PS Move, none of the PS3 peripherals were compatible with the PS4. The same was true for older Bluetooth headphones and headsets.

At the time of the launch, the PlayStation4 could play DVDs and Blu-rays, but not MP3s or CDs, and it wouldn’t read files from a USB external storage device except for system software patches. In addition, it could not play 3D Blu-ray movies.

PlayStation Wrap Up
PlayStation Wrap Up: PS4

The power supply of the PS4 was built into the system, unlike the Xbox One whose power supply was external. The processor of the PS4 combines an octa-core AMD Jaguar CPU with an AMD Radeon GPU as well as 8GB of 5500MHz GDDR5 RAM.

For $10, users could upgrade some select PS3 titles to the PS4 versions.

If users wanted to play multiplayer titles online, they had to own a PS Plus account, which costs $50 per year.

At launch, there were 13 entertainment applications such as Crackle and Netflix, but no Youtube or Amazon. The PS4 has a browser on board, which did not play YouTube videos.

The PlayStation 4 had a near-perfect controller, a huge upgrade from that of the PS3. The controller came with an inbuilt speaker and it doubled as a motion controller. Users can charge the controller while the PS4 is in standby mode.

PlayStation Wrap Up
PlayStation Wrap Up: PS5

What about PS5 Wrap Up?

As the PlayStaytion 5 was out only in November, so many might worry that there wasn’t a Wrap-Up page for PS5 players. However, the PlayStation Wrap Up for 2020 also shows some data for PS5 players, including the titles they played, the total time they played, and the trophies they earned in 2020.

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