Netflix Movies Hindi: 10 Best Films To Stream For Indians (Updated)

Dhir Acharya - Feb 01, 2021

Netflix Movies Hindi: 10 Best Films To Stream For Indians (Updated)

In this post, we will recommend the top 10 movies all different genres that you can watch on Netflix right now, from horrors to comedies.

Since its entrance in the Indian market, Netflix has managed to include a large collection of Hindi movies though you will mostly find newer films instead of classic titles. In this post, we will list out the best Hindi movies available on the platform. Now, let’s get started with Netflix movies Hindi.

Game over

This is one of the Netflix movies in Hindi dubbed, shot in Telugu and Tamil Nadu. The lead actress is Taapsee Pannu, laying a wheelchair-bound woman with Nyctophobia, also known as the fear of darkness. On top of that, she’s suffering from post-traumatic stress, she keeps reliving a past accident. She realized her worst fear when a group of intruders got into her home. But something’s not right because she keeps waking up at the same spot after the invaders kill her. This is one of the Hindi horror movies on Netflix worth watching.

netflix movies hindi
Netflix Movies Hindi: Game Over


The next title on the list of Netflix movies Hindi is Chopsticks, starring Mithila Palkar and Abhay Deol. Deol plays Artist, a con man well versed in the underbelly of Mumbai, while Palkar plays an introverted, under-confident girl named Nirma. Nirma’s car is stolen and she is suggested going to Artist for help to get it back. They begin to find the vehicle together and along the way, they develop an admiration for each other’s personalities.

netflix movies hindi
Netflix Movies Hindi: Chopsticks

Rajma Chawal

Let’s come to the next candidate on the Netflix movies Hindi list, Rajma Chawal, as one of the comedy movies of the Indian cinematic industry. It digs into the relationship between a father and his son after the family’s matriarch dies. After the unfortunate event, they move to their childhood home, the son refused to move and delete his father’s friend request on Facebook. To communicate with his son, the father poses as Tara and speaks to his son using a fake account. After that is a string of heartwarming and hilarious events.

netflix movies hindi
Netflix Movies Hindi: Rajma Chawal

Lust Stories

This is one of the original Hindi movies on Netflix, directed by Anurag Kashyap, Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerjee, and Zoya Akhtar. The movie tells four different stories, exploring love, loss, lust, and taboo relationships.

netflix movies hindi
Netflix Movies Hindi: Lust Stories


The next title to be mention on the list of Netflix movies Hindi is about a forbidden love between a teenage student and her teacher. The teenage girl comes from a broken family with an alcoholic father, she falls in love with her teacher for his mature advances. When she’s looking for stability in this relationship, her classmates find out about the secret affair and things start to go wrong.

netflix movies hindi
Netflix Movies Hindi: Haraamkhor


This Hindi movie is about the life of a young Delhi policewoman. Long with her superintendent, she takes on violent crimes in Delhi where women are the victims. However, her superintendent is transferred due to allegations of misconduct on duty, breaking their partnership. The movie gets a lot of positive comments regarding the performance of the lead roles.

netflix movies hindi
Netflix Movies Hindi: Soni

The Blue Umbrella

This is probably among the best cinematic adaptations of a novel by Ruskin Bond. The movie won the Best Children's Film title at the National Film Award at the time. The story in this film is set in a small hill station. It's about Binya and her umbrella. One day, some foreigners give the little girl a blue umbrella. A local shopkeeper becomes obsessed with the umbrella and tries to buy it. Following the girl's refusion, there is a chain of events and the umbrella ends up belonging to the shopkeeper.

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This film is about two people, an aged man and a young woman, who wait for their spouses to come around from a coma. They meet in the hospital's waiting room and the movie tells a beautiful story of how people grow from adversity.


This movie brings a modern approach to the classic romance novel titled Devdas. The film is about a scorned lover that was prevented from marrying the woman he loved. After that, he turns to womanizing and alcohol. Then, he meets a woman named Chanda, who was a sex worker. The movie is highly appreciated for its outstanding screenplay and music.


3 idiots

This is definitely one of the most famous movie that has been well received in many countries around the world. It’s hilarious but extremely emotional at the same time. After being released, it took the movie only a few weeks to earn $90 million. It’s about three students that all go to the IIT. The story reveals the educational institutions in India and what pressure the students face.

3 Idiots 2009 Aamir Khan Madhavan Wallpaper Compre

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