Mysterious Places That Are Blurred Out On Google Maps

Harin - Dec 29, 2020

Mysterious Places That Are Blurred Out On Google Maps

For mostly unexplained reasons, there are places that are hidden on Google Maps, that users are not allowed to see. Here are some of them.

Google Maps has long become an indispensable tool for people when they need to look for directions. However, it also hides secret locations that we can only guess what they are for.

Jeannette Island – Russia

Jeannette Island Russia
Jeannette Island – Russia.

Jeannette island is quite small. It is in the east of the Siberian Sea. The total length of the island is only about 2km. Nearly the entire island is frequently covered with ice, with a 350mm-high peak in the center. Perhaps the reason why it is blacked out on Google Maps is because of the dispute over sovereignty between Russia and the US.

Girona Province, Spain

Girona Province
Girona Province, Spain.

Located in northeastern Spain, Girona borders the autonomous community Catalunya, the provinces of Barcelona and Lleida, as well as France and the Mediterranean. On Google Maps, you can see a mysterious black zone in the northeastern part of the province. There is no prominent place around except for a few streets. However, there is a hotel in that black space called Roses. People say that this place is probably a resort for the rich and famous. It has been kept hidden to avoid the curious eyes of outsiders.

Munitiecomplex, Veenhuizen, the Netherlands

Munitiecomplex Veenhuizen The Netherlands
Munitiecomplex, Veenhuizen, the Netherlands .

The government of the country is hiding important areas on the map. This square piece of land that looks like an oil painting from above is actually an ammunition warehouse of the Dutch army.

Patio de los Naranjos – Spain

Patio De Los Naranjos Spain
Patio de los Naranjos – Spain.

Patio de Los Naranjos is a square campus located in the Spanish city of Almeria. According to some people, the place is related to new government projects built for important purposes.

Mururoa Island – Polynesia

Mururoa Island
Mururoa Island – Polynesia.

Mururoa is a coral island in the Polynesian archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean, owned by the French Republic. Google Maps never shows a clear image of the island. And no one knows the reason why.

However, there are some hypotheses suggesting that the reason is related to the history of the island, which was used for nuclear testing by France. From 1966 to 1996, 181 trials were conducted here.

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